Honeymoon Or Not?

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Last week on Survivor, we endured the tedious clips show. Two weeks ago, Keith was a champion DOTS player, and Jerri put a spell on her boomerang. Alicia became the first member of the jury.

It feels like a beautiful dream.

On Day 25 at Barramundi, Colby tells us he and the other S8 tossed and turned all night, and that it's going to be a long day, because their fire is out. Jerri tells Lamber that their main concern is staying dry and that she feels "drained and lazy" and is planning on sleeping in. Rodger optimistically says, "Maybe it'll only rain half a day!" Keith has a brilliant idea and re-lights the fire; he then tells us that the physical work is not light and that "life in the Outback is tough and it's getting tougher." He bases this conclusion on the fact that they need to get wood, break it down, and keeping the fire going. Maybe he should try actually living in the Outback instead of taking a rustic vacation there. We awkwardly segue from these comments to a shot of Nick gargling. When Elisabeth lightly asks what he's doing, he says his throat hurts. Meanwhile, Elisabeth stirs a cup of something and pretends like she's at Central Perk. Nick tells us he's had several "enlarged taste buds." Ick. Oh, and did I say ick? Elisabeth manages not to laugh or grimace. We then see a shot of murky, greenish water. Rodger smartly comments that "it looks dirty." Nick suggests they might need to boil some more water and Rodger says they definitely need to. From a confessional in the dirty water, a haggard-looking Tina tells us the rain muddied the river and has made fishing difficult. They've lost all but two of their hooks because they have to fish from shore. We then see Rodger fishing and fearing he'll lose his hook. He hopefully says it might clear up tomorrow and that they'll get fish then. Colby tells us the tribe is down to a meager supply of rice, and then we see them deciding whether to reduce their rations. A fly buzzes around Lamber.

Elisabeth and Colby check the tree mail. They look so cute together! Elisabeth says, "Oh my gosh I knew it was gonna be something fun!" The clue is written on a ladder and involves pairing up and splitting a reward. Colby says, "This one's gonna be big and chunky." The team discusses picking partners from a hat and everyone agrees except Jerri, who thinks they should choose their partners. They ask who Jerri would pick and she says Colby. Tina says, "Well, duh. Who wouldn't?" Jerri asks when the game started being fair and no kidding -- just ask Maralyn or Kel. Tina says it may not be about being fair, but it is about "teammanship." Poor Rodger says, "I'm the old guy here; I know nobody wants to be with me but you know sometimes you just gotta go with the flow." Everyone says it's not true but no one volunteers to be his partner. Not even Elisabeth. Colby shows up with his furry ear-flapped hat, which looks an awful lot like a luxury item to me. I'd be pissed if I didn't bring my furry ear-flapped hat because I thought it would qualify as a luxury item, and then got there and saw his. He's written names on slips of paper -- they get paper?

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