Honeymoon Or Not?

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The first heat pairs Tina and Rodger against Lamber and Keith. Because that's fair. Rodger appears to keep up pretty well, but this is all done in strange split camerawork so it's impossible to really tell. The course has a military look to it and involves running a small stretch, crawling under some ropes, running over some ropes, swinging on some ropes, jumping in a little square pool surprisingly void of ropes, going over a wall sans ropes, and finishing off with a rope slide. Too bad they don't sell rope at Target because this was prime product placement material. Lamber finishes well before Keith and demonstrates that she can actually lead at something.

The next teams are Jerri and Colby against Nick and Elisabeth. The Ogakor pair prove to be total clowns by shaking out their hands while warming up (Jerri) and doing a runner's start (Colby). Colby beats up on Jerri through the race and we were cracking ourselves up while watching. Is that so wrong? He helps her flip over the wall, and then lets her land on her back with a big thud and an "ugg." They win despite this, giving Colby a second chance to abuse Jerri.

It's an all-Ogakor final, making it difficult to earnestly route for either side. Lamber is wearing sneakers, but no one else is. There's also a balance beam in this challenge, but we don't even see it during either of the first two heats. This competition merits the watercam. Colby somersaults through a tire hanging from a rope and then waits for Jerri just so he can throw her on her back again. Keith doesn't need anyone to beat up on him -- he does a perfectly good job of that himself. He clocks himself in the head with the wooden swing, which looks very painful. In a cartoon, he'd have bluebirds chirping around his head. At the climbing wall, Jerri kneels so Colby can climb over her. He then attempts to pull her up by the crotch of her shorts and if Mitchell were still around he'd be having flashbacks to every day of gym class in the seventh grade. After heaving Jerri's pants -- and Jerri -- over the wall with no small amount of effort, Colby dangles her over the other side while she screams "No! No!" meaning he shouldn't drop her, but he does anyway and she lands, once again, on her back. I felt discomfort through my peals of laughter. Meanwhile, Lamber is getting through all the obstacles by herself and then turning around and helping Keith. Peachy yells, "It's tight!" but unless he means how his shorty pants feel today, he's way off. Lamber keeps encouraging Keith to keep up, but they never have much of a chance. As much as I hate saying it, I'm impressed with Lamber, who totally holds her own during this challenge. But maybe she's just trying to stay as close to Jerri as she can.

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