Honeymoon Or Not?

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Rodger and Keith are first. Rodger flexes his left chest muscle a couple of times. Did anyone else notice that? As they funnel the rope through their hands Keith says, "I love you but you gotta go!" They're having so much fun with this, and I think it shows they like and respect each other. Rodger wins -- he's probably so tired of losing -- and is totally excited. He does a cute little jumping jack kind of jump into the water. Jerri and Nick are next. Jerri asks if they have to put their wrists through the loophole at the end of the rope and Colby says, "Put it around your neck." And then there's this really long pause until people realize they should laugh. Jerri and Nick don't look like they're having fun at all, which shows how they dislike and fail to respect each other. Jerri looks very determined and is making her Long-Nosed Jerricoot faces again. When Nick feeds her all the rope, she falls off backwards. Looking typically clueless, he then waves an "I'm number one finger in the air." Colby and Tina also have a good time, but she falls in very quickly. Elisabeth yells, "Colby you're cruel!" for no apparent reason. Lamber and Elisabeth are last. They lamely take turns tugging at each other until Lamber feeds Elisabeth too much rope and she falls in.

Rodger and Colby are first in the shaky beam challenge. They look like they're surfing. Rodger nearly falls in face-first and does an amazing job of holding his balance; Colby then shows him up by practically doing a backbend and managing not to fall. It's a good competition until Rodger kind of trips and falls in. Nick and Lamber's turn is one of the funniest things I've seen on the show. Lamber hula hoops and then starts thrusting her hips forwards and backwards, no longer stimulating hula hopping but some other national pastime. Then the two are suddenly in rhythm together and Elisabeth's right -- it does look like some kind of crazy dance. This may be the silliest Lamber will ever look in her life. Lamber then falls in and Nick is happy. Finally, it's the last round and Colby looks very serious. Nick keeps tugging very hard and spends the whole time almost falling in, but eventually wins it. Poor Elisabeth and Rodger try to look happy for him. Peachy tells Barramundi he'll see them at Tribal Council.

The Immunity Idol, I just noticed, appears to have some kind of teeth hanging from it. Kucha has a moment together in which Nick does not rub in his victory. Rodger says, "It coulda been either one of us here. It's just the way the old ball bounces." Meanwhile, Lamber tells Jerri that it's like Kucha "almost know[s]" they're going to be voted off. Could they possibly? Jerri tells us that, since Nick is no longer a possibility, they've decided to vote off Elisabeth. We then see Rodger and Elisabeth saying that either of them could go next. Lamber then tells us it's hard to vote someone off no matter how long you've been with them; she says she's going to talk to all her teammates to see if the "original plan's still in effect." We then see Elisabeth tell Tina she's going to vote for Jerri. In a spurt of uncharacteristic honesty, Tina says, "But we have to vote you or Rodger off. Because that's the safe thing to do." Tina says it's hard to talk about voting them off because they have "heart and soul." Damn straight.

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