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I Heart Nerds
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As we see the typical shots of the newest batch of contestants being transported to their camps via boat and helicopter, Probst says in a voiceover that this season, they will be divided into three tribes based on their strengths. So first up is the Brains tribe, which has an average IQ of 130. That doesn't tell us that much; it could be one really smart person and then a bunch of semi-smart people and some dummies. That's leaving aside whether or not IQ is a good indicator of intelligence. Anyway, there's a dude named Spencer who claims to be a diabolical genius, although you'd think a genius might rethink that haircut and that 1998 ringer tee from Old Navy. There's a dude named David who is the President of the Miami Marlins and also quite wee. A woman named Kass is an undefeated attorney who hopes people will think she's an unassuming mom, and she's the only one I like on that tribe so far.

Then there's the Beauty tribe, as if everyone else on the show is a total uggo. Anyway, they all vow to use their looks to get what they want, because that generally works out well and when the pretty people band together, no one suspects a thing! Except that the really pretty people usually get voted out early and/or blindsided.

Then there's the Brawn tribe, which features former NBA star Cliff Robinson. A woman named Sarah is a police officer who does MMA and Tony is a police officer in Jersey City. I bet they will bond over being police officers!

Probst voiceovers that it's the ultimate challenge: Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty, and this will tell us which trait is most important. Will it? I don't think so. Because it's not like the Brains and Brawn members are ugly, or the Brawn and Beauty people are all stupid, or the Brains and Beauty people are weaklings. That's why these false delineations are useless. I think I liked it better when they just named the tribes randomly and didn't try to pretend like one trait defined a person. We'll see if it's turns out to be interesting, but I don't like the concept.

The three tribes converge on the beach and take note of the makeup of the other tribes. Probst welcomes them and explains how their tribes were formed. Once Probst explains the tribe names, they easily identify which tribe is which. He then instructs them to choose a leader. The Beauty tribe chooses LJ (who I'm guessing might be the oldest tribe member), the Brawn tribe chooses Sarah (MMA Cop) and the Brains tribe chooses David (Tiny Baseball Club Owner). There is much joking about why each person was chosen, until Probst says that each leader now has to choose the weakest tribe member. Yikes.

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