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I love how Probst says that the two-player Tribal Council vote was cancelled "out of respect for Russell's traumatic medical evacuation" and not because, you know, they'd already had two unplanned contestant departures due to medical problems and so the combo-Tribal was no longer necessary to keep the numbers appropriately low. Because if that was really the case, wouldn't they have cancelled the Tribal Council after Jeffrey Tambor was evacuated? He gets no respect. Not even from me, as I refuse to use his real name. Also, the shot of Russell in that angelic white lighting is hilarious. I love it when this show gets over-dramatic and thinks it's way more important than it really is.

Galu return to camp. Erik interviews from his tree that Russell's departure is a huge loss for Galu and him specifically, since he had more confidence in him than anyone else on his tribe. Perhaps more importantly, though, the male alliance no longer has the numbers over the women. They decide that Shambo is their best bet to get the numbers advantage again, and they'll even "reward" her for helping them by getting her to the jury. The men nod and agree that this is a good plan and probably think they're really generous for allowing Shambo to make it all the way to the jury. Which they kind of are, actually, but only because of how she lost the snorkel and the chicken and would have been eliminated several episodes ago if Foa Foa wasn't so terrible at everything. "Even though she's a chick, Shambo doesn't fit in with the other girls," Erik explains diplomatically. The only way their plan will fail, they say, is if the women are able to win Shambo over to their side. And since Monica kind of hates her, I do not see that happening. Nor do I see the women even realizing that they should try.

We have gone like three minutes without seeing any Li'l Russell, and that simply will not do. Day 16 at Foa Foa, and the rain appears to have stopped for now. The tribemates sleep in their shelter, with Jaison shivering and cold but not trying to huddle up to anyone for warmth. What is up with these people? Why are they trying to get body heat from trees before other people? Li'l Russell says things are looking up for Foa Foa since they didn't have to vote anyone else out last night and Galu lost their Russell. "It's pretty damn close," Li'l Russell says of Galu's eight members over Foa Foa's five. Um, not really. Last time I checked, 8 was a larger number than 5. By 3, actually.

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