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Probst explains the challenge: it's a giant game of Memory, with the thirty-six platforms having sixteen pairs of survival items under them and four items that have no match for some reason. With each match, the team gets a point unless the tribe leader decides that he or she wants the matched item at camp, in which case the tribe receives that item but forfeits the point. Oh, that's pretty cool. The tribe with the most points at the end of the game gets an afternoon sailboat ride and lunch except for one member who will be sent to the opposing tribe. Shambo gets to sit three people out. She goes with Kelly, Dave Ball, and herself. Smart thinking, Shambo! Unlike Russell, who had no concept of his own limitations, she knows she's going to suck out at Memory and should stay as far away from it as possible. But now she has to assign someone else to make the decision on whether to keep the item or take the point. She immediately chooses Erik. Dave Ball immediately and loudly protests this for some reason, telling her to pick Brett instead. She does. Way to give the other tribemates cameratime, Shambo! Such a good leader.

The game begins. Galu gets the first match when Laura matches a fire-starting kit, which is a large amount of fire-starting supplies that are -- most importantly -- wrapped in a tarp. A precious waterproof tarp. "KEEP IT," Brett says immediately. "Thank god," Shambo says. Watch it not rain now for the rest of their time out there. Liz goes for Foa Foa and reveals a rusty cleaver with her first turn. The match was revealed earlier, so all she has to do now is remember where and pick it up for a match. She does not do this, instead picking up mosquito netting, the match to which was also revealed in an earlier turn. Whoops! Now Galu has their choice of which item to pick -- the netting or the cleaver. Brett goes next and matches the mosquito netting, taking the point instead of the item and giving Galu the lead.

Foa Foa goes up next. They did not discuss where the other cleaver was while Brett was off matching the netting, so Natalie goes out cluelessly and does not get the cleaver. Way to totally blow it, Natalie. "This challenge not as easy as it seems!" Probst says. Oh, yes it is, Probst. Pre-school kids play this. John goes up next for Galu and easily gets the cleaver match, giving Galu a second point. Then Li'l Russell matches what appears to be toilet paper to put Foa Foa on the board. Laura gets another match with some rope. Then we just go into a montage of matches and failures and points until Galu is up 6-3 with Brett deciding not to take the snorkel equipment over a point. I thought that was a stupid decision until Probst reveals that there are only three matches left, so the best Foa Foa can do is tie. And Natalie is up next. Bad news for Foa Foa. And yet, she manages to get a match! And now Monica is up for Galu. She reveals some eating utensils and confidently heads over to reveal the match. Galu wins! Again! Probst credits Shambo's leadership for their win even though she didn't do anything and asks her who she's sending to Foa Foa, thus missing out on the reward. We all know from the previews that she's sending Laura. She explains that she wants to "keep my guys strong" for tomorrow's challenge. Laura is PISSED. Kelly interviews that Shambo is acting like the girl raised in a trailer park who marries a rich guy and drives a Jaguar and treats everyone like crap. Um, how is it treating someone like crap to send them Foa Foa? Someone has to go, and Shambo herself had to go twice. Stop being a Bitter Betty, Kelly. On the way out, Mick interviews that Foa Foa can't win and they must be cursed. Or maybe you guys just suck at life. Stop blaming the fates on it, Mick. Maybe if you'd kept Betsy or Marisa instead of Natalie, you would've won this one.

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