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Probst asks Liz if she trusts her tribemates going into a merge. She says she does. Probst asks Mick the same question, and he has the same answer, adding that they may have sucked out loud at the challenges in this game, but they still have to play the "social game" going into a merge, and trust will play a huge role in their success there. Probst asks Li'l Russell if this closeness with his tribemates makes it hard to vote one of them out tonight. Li'l Russell says it does, and since this is Tribal Council, they can't cut to an interview of him patting himself on the back for lying to Probst like that. He promises that this game will change once the merge happens. Yes, it will. We will no longer be able to cut to Galu to get away from Li'l Russell for even a minute or two. It will be ALL LI'L RUSSELL ALL THE TIME. I can't wait.

Probst points out that Jaison looks pretty down. He says losing is frustrating, and admits that he played a role in his tribe's loss today. Liz nods. Li'l Russell smirks. Natalie stares blankly. Probst asks if it would be "fair" of his tribe to vote Jaison out tonight based on his performance. Jaison says if the tribe decides that getting rid of him is what they need to do to win, then he hopes they win. He so wants them to vote him out. He hates it out there. I don't blame him, except for the fact that he shouldn't have gone on this show in the first place. With that, it's time to vote.

Liz votes for Jaison. Jaison votes for Liz. Li'l Russell is shown as the last person to vote, even though he's sitting in the middle of the bench and voting order is always determined by where people are sitting from left to right. Which means he didn't actually vote last but the editors want us to think he did because he's just that fucking important. They then show us Probst walking off to get the urn because they were apparently short on footage this week even though they could have, oh I don't know, shown us more of Galu perhaps? I mean, does anyone really want to watch Probst more than an entire tribe, aside from Probst and Probst's mom? Probst returns with the urn. There's one vote for Jaison and the rest are for Liz, so that's it for her. "Good luck, guys," she whispers. Do we really need to see seven shots of Li'l Russell smirking like he had something to do with Liz being voted out tonight? How is everything that happens on this show somehow about him? Liz leaves and Probst says that Foa Foa may "not be very successful at challenges" (a.k.a. SUCK) but "you're gettin' really good at blindsides." Except that was not a blindside. Someone tell Probst what a blindside is. Oh but first -- another shot of Li'l Russell.

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