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Meet Galu

Meanwhile, back at Galu, Erik is taking advantage of Russell, Shambo, and Dave Ball's absence and the rest of the tribe's laziness to search for the immunity idol while they're all asleep. Oh, except for the two women who look alike, who he sends off on "fruit patrol," whatever that means. He pokes around some nearby trees, sticking his hand in holes that may well be full of nasty Samoan animals with sharp teeth. The camera manages to catch John rousing himself from his nap on the hammock to watch Erik before apparently going back to sleep. Surely this will be important later. Not in this episode though, so let's move on. While the lizards scamper around camp freely now that Ben is no longer around to shove sticks in their mouths, Erik finds the idol hidden in some leaves on a tree branch. Of course, I'm sure he won't get all the congratulations in the Previouslies that Probst gives to Li'l Russell for also finding the idol without any clues, but whatever. This doesn't show us that Li'l Russell or Erik are especially smart. It shows us that the people who hide the immunity idols for this show are especially lazy. Erik is very pleased with himself and says he won't be telling anyone about his discovery. That's what people always say on this show. And then they tell everybody anyway.

Russell, Dave Ball, and Shambo return with the chicken coop. Shambo is assigned to take care of the chickens when she says "of course" she knows a lot about them. Dave Ball says Shambo's country knowledge isn't all that important - they just need to make absolutely sure that no one accidentally lets the chickens go. Well, yeah. Surely, that goes without saying. I mean, no one would be so stupid as to let their precious food reward escape... right? While Russell carries on about how awesome it is that they won chickens for everyone, Dave Ball interviews that he's celebrating on the inside but trying to remain humble and calm on the outside. Because he appears to be one of the only people on this show with any self-awareness. Which makes me wonder how he got cast on it in the first place. He won't be cocky around his tribe, but in interviews: "I won chickens. What did you do? Not that. Peace." Dave Ball gives much better soundbytes than stupid Li'l Russell. Why doesn't he get more camera time? Shambo informs the tribe that chickens need water, unlike every other living thing which does just fine without it. Russell says that Shambo, with her seemingly endless knowledge of chickens, has been assigned to take care of them. She celebrates this by imitating a chicken, bobbing her head and clucking. It's weird. She interviews that chickens have to like you in order to give you eggs, so she's going to make sure that the chickens like her and thus provide the tribe with eggs. But as we've already seen, Shambo doesn't know when people like her or not, so she'll probably just think the chickens like her when they're really thinking about how annoying she is. Shambo kneels down in front of the chicken cage and clucks for a while. Dave Ball and the chickens both react with awesome "look out for the crazy lady" faces. "Talking chicken," Dave Ball says. Shambo shushes him. I have a feeling the chickens would much rather listen to Dave Ball than Shambo.

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