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Meet Galu

It's raining at Foa Foa. Jaison complains again, saying he's so miserable that losing out on some chickens doesn't even matter to him. Li'l Russell weighs in that he doesn't think Jaison is the right person to take to the Final Two anymore since he may well quit the game. I think it's more like Jaison is likeable and well-spoken and will decimate Li'l Russell in front of a jury. He's thinking that the blonde girl is a better choice because she'll happily ride his coattails to the end because she knows she's "too stupid" to get there on her own. Have you ever met a stupid person who was aware that he was stupid? Most stupid people I meet think they're really smart. Like Li'l Russell, for example. So it wouldn't make sense for the blonde to just think "I am dumb and aware of the limitations that presents. Thus, it's best for me to let someone else get to the end for me." Li'l Russell says that at the Final Two, he's sure to win the jury vote by saying that the blonde rode his coattails and he did all the hard work. Coattails have worked for people in the past. Also, why does Li'l Russell think he has any chance at the Final Two when his tribe can't win a challenge?

Nevertheless, he talks to the blonde on the beach and reaffirms their final two alliance. She interviews that she's Li'l Russell's "wing man," whatever that means. "Hopefully we'll start winning," she says to Li'l Russell, showing that she's more practical than he is. Winning challenges as a team is Step One in this game, really. Burning people's socks can wait until after the merge. The blonde proves to be smarter than Li'l Russell thought, saying that she's aware people underestimate her here, and she's using it to her advantage by presenting herself as the ideal choice to take to the end. She's happy to go to the end with Li'l Russell because she's sure she can beat him in a Final Two situation because other people in Foa Foa don't like him. So while he plays his little strategy game, she'll do the social thing and be popular, which has probably always worked for her in the past and works pretty well on this show, too.

The next morning at Galu, one of the chickens has laid an egg, no doubt due to her desire to please Shambo. Shambo makes chicken sounds to express her appreciation, causing any tribe members within earshot to be reminded of the fact that she's insane. While Erik talks about how he can't wait to eat one of the chickens, Shambo sounds the alarm -- a chicken has escaped! HA! That did not take long at all, did it? Shambo did the one thing Dave Ball told her not to do: she let a chicken go. She is ridiculous. Fortunately for her, most of Galu is too lazy to care. Yasmin is too busy trying to roast her pants, Dave Ball is too busy making fun of Shambo in an interview, and the rest are probably napping or, in the wonder twin's case, stroking each other and looking even more identical than ever. Only Erik tries to help Shambo catch the chicken, for which he pays dearly when he runs into the tribe's clothesline and flies backwards. "Erik gets clotheslined by the clothesline!" Dave Ball says, enjoying every minute of this. Casting directors take note: average-looking people who are smart and interesting are much more fun to watch than vapid models. This show needs more Dave Balls and less whatever the blondes' names are. And no Li'l Russells. In the end, the chicken winds up high in a tree and refuses to come down, no matter how many times Shambo tells her to in her chicken language. "I didn't know they could frikkin' fly," Shambo the self-proclaimed chicken expert says. Russell shakes his head and interviews that Shambo is a moron. Yasmin takes a break from pants-roasting to help out, and Erik assigns her to keep an eye on the chicken. "I don't know where she went," she shrugs, her arms folded. "All you have to do is look at the chicken," Erik says, beyond tired of these lazy idiots.

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