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Meet Galu

Immunity Challenge! Hey, look! Probst showed up to this one. Nice of him to stop by. Probst takes the immunity idol back from some random guy on Galu whose name I still don't know and at this point don't care to learn anymore. Probst explains the challenge: contestants must race across a net while carrying blocks of various sizes to a platform, where they will work to stack those blocks one on top of the other to make a tall tower. Then they will race across a rope bridge to another platform with more blocks that they will stack into an even taller tower. The first tribe to complete it wins immunity. Because Galu dominates, they have to sit four members out of the challenge. Russell picks Shambo, one of the wonder twins, himself, and Dave Ball. Even though Dave Ball is probably the tallest person in the tribe. So, that's dumb.

Probst calls go, and the tribes fairly easily make their way past the net. No crashing into each other, no hilarious falls. It's very disappointing for Probst. Both tribes start on their first tower at about the same time, with Foa Foa benefiting from Jaison's height while Galu props the tiny Kelly up on that random guy's shoulders so she can finish the top of the tower. Foa Foa tries to do the same, but they put their blonde on Li'l Russell's shoulders and he's like three feet tall, so they gain nothing. Galu finishes their tower first, with Foa Foa not far behind. Galu makes it to the rope bridge, where Shambo calls out this helpful tip: "you're way ahead! Take your time!" Shambo also thinks it's a good idea to lose fishing gear and chickens. And have a mullet. So Galu should just do the exact opposite of everything she says. Sure enough, they race across -- until Monica's (the younger wonder twin) turn. She seems to be moving her arms and legs quickly, but her progress is slow, giving Foa Foa plenty of opportunity to catch up. And yet, despite this, they're probably just as far behind going into the second tower as they were coming out of the first one. But Probst is quick to announce that Foa Foa somehow "made up a lot of time."

Galu increases their lead on the second tower when they get both of the bags containing their blocks untied before Foa Foa even gets one. But Foa Foa quickly catches up thanks to the height advantage they have in Jaison, which really isn't fair. The winner of an immunity challenge shouldn't be determined by which tribe has the tallest member. At the end, it's up to the blondes to stand on their tribe mates and complete the tower. Galu's blonde tries to stack the last three blocks at the same time, only to lose two of them on the way up. Foa Foa's blonde has just one block left to stack, but can't reach the top. But then she stretches and gets it up there. The tower stays intact for a count of five, and Foa Foa wins their first immunity challenge. There is much rejoicing. Over at Galu, there is bitter disappointment even though this is a good thing, really. Now they can get rid of Shambo and not lose any more chickens. As Galu does the slow motion loser's walk, Russell interviews that Monica lost the challenge for them. How? By not being ten feet tall? Because that's everyone's fault.

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