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Meet Galu

Erik meets with the beach group and tells them that Russell wants to vote Monica out tonight. John disagrees: "I like Monica, you know?" he says. Kelly thinks it's a "safer bet" to vote for Yasmin because she doesn't contribute at camp and no one likes her. Except Russell. Erik interviews that Yasmin is much stronger in challenges than Monica is, so he'd rather keep her and get rid of Monica. He tries to convince the others to vote for Monica, reminding them that if they vote Yamsin out then they'll be going against their own leader, which would be a bad idea if a leader on this show really meant anything. Meanwhile, how has Shambo's name only come up once? How is she not being voted out unanimously right now?

Erik tells Russell that most people want to vote for Yasmin. "So these people who are gonna vote for Yas they basically already have an alliance basically," Russell says, basically. "Already?!" It's Day 11, idiot! Of course they do! What is wrong with you? Can they just vote Russell out instead? He annoys me. Erik says it's not necessarily an alliance -- more like a group of people who like Monica and don't really trust Yasmin. Russell says if they don't trust Yasmin, then they don't trust his leadership decisions. So now he's mad. He says he'd rather have the performance of Yasmin than the "cutesiness" of Monica. "I'm the leader, so these people, they gotta listen to me or there's gonna be some serious ass-kicking!" Russell says. Oh please. You're not really a leader. You're not. Sometimes you get to choose people for challenges. And you kind of suck at that, by the way. Oh, and you get a necklace. But otherwise, it's totally meaningless and there's no reason why anyone should feel particularly compelled to follow you over anyone else.

Galu arrives at Tribal Council. They get their torches and Probst has to recite his stupid speech, which he does as quickly as possible. Then he asks Shambo how the afternoon went. Shambo says there was definitely some strategizing going on and secret meetings being called. Probst asks the random guy if everyone around camp is contributing equally, and he says no. Yasmin, for example, does "a little bit less work." Probst accuses Yasmin of rolling her eyes at this, to which she says, "I wasn't rolling my eyes, but you want my opinion next, I'd be happy to give it." Well, that was just charming. Why haven't we seen this side of Yasmin before? She says that she does everything that people ask her to do, so she doesn't understand how the random guy can say she's doing less and wishes he had come to her about this earlier, when she could have done something about it. At the same time, didn't she say back at camp that she was purposely not doing anything? So why is she so surprised that someone actually noticed? She points out that she wore heels to this show, so she's out of her element in these woods, but at least she can wear them to Tribal Council to "dress up" for Probst. I find this entertaining even though, again, I'm not exactly sure what Yasmin is talking about. "Mission accomplished," Probst says, managing to blush under his overly tanned skin.

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