I Can Forgive Her But I Don’t Have To Because She Screwed With My Chickens

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Off To The Races

Back from commercials, Jonathan is arriving at Exile Island. He tells us that "the African-American guys" sent him to EI because he stole "the Asian guy's chicken." (Doink.) He reads the idol clue: "To make a top grade, stand in a line, If the southern isle vanishes, a salvation you'll find." I love it when they write poetry. He concludes that "top grade" is an A, so he finds a sort of A-frame thing and starts digging under it. I think that part about standing so that you can't see "the southern isle" is more interesting, but what do I know, right? He says that all night, he just shivered and missed his family. "Exile Island is really terrible," he says. Is it as bad as The Naked Truth, you actor? Is it? You got beat by a chicken (Chicken: "Word"), so I'm not sure I'm listening to you complain.

At Hiki, they're all trying to keep working on fire, but they're obviously distracted by having to vote someone out. Rebecca and Sundra are chatting, and they see that Nathan and Sekou are chatting also. Stephannie joins the two women. The three of them suspect that the guys are talking about them. Sekou and Nathan, meanwhile, figure that the women want to vote out one of them. "They're stupid," Nathan declares. Nathan says that he and Sekou need to pull in one of the women. Rebecca interviews, following a chat with the other women, that they're thinking perhaps Sekou needs to go, because they're having leadership issues, and they think that might be easier with him gone. She thinks that it might be "easier for [them] to work as a team without him." Ouch. Sekou tells Nathan that while the women might think they can get by with getting rid of him or Nathan, "it ain't gonna work." Hilariously, he adds, "They can't even make fire, they can't even build a hut." I'm not sure he's so much done...either of those things, so I'm not sure why they'd assume he'll be helpful if they keep him. Nathan tells Sekou that Sundra and Rebecca are buddies, so what you do is obviously try to bring over Stephannie and convince her to vote out Sundra.

Sekou interviews that it will ultimately be "a women-men thing." Of course, this would seem to put the two men at a natural disadvantage against the three women, meaning that perhaps a more creative approach would be called for. Sekou calls Stephannie aside. He tells her that if he's voted off and they lose another challenge and then they vote Nathan off, then the other two girls will gang up on her. So...that's his argument? That's no good. First of all, I don't think any of these people expect these tribes to necessarily last that long. Second, where is she going to fall if it gets down to just her and the two guys? It's not like she wouldn't be at the bottom of that threesome as well. It's just not a very well thought out appeal. The best part is where he tells her that she should stay with him, because the tribe needs people who can get fire. "We don't have any fire yet, though," she says, somewhat confused. Get his response: "That's all right! When I build a fire...[he stops and realizes he is in trouble] y'all better keep it going, because if y'all boot me out, there ain't gonna be no more fire." That is awesomely nonsensical. During that comment, you could almost see his brain's legs doing that air-pedaling thing like Wile E. Coyote after he goes off the cliff and before he falls.

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