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Take Your Teeth And Go

Back on the island, Becky and Sundra are alone in the shelter on Day 36. that right? Did the spa people stay two nights? Because they clearly said it was Day 34 the day of the challenge. Either something is misleading, or the spa people were gone for two nights. I don't know -- Becky talks about how it's been just her and Sundra "for the last two days." I don't know whether that means...well, never mind. I'm not going to figure it out anyway. Becky says that if she misses anyone, it's Yul. Why? Because she has strategy thoughts and no one to tell them to. I think that's adorable: "I miss him, because of his big, delicious, complicated brain." Been there, lady. She says that the basic thought she wants to discuss with Yul is that she would like to get rid of Ozzy rather than wait until later.

We watch as the spa-goers return to camp. Yul says that missed Sundra and Becky, and Sundra tells him and his spa-mates not to feel bad about going away. Yul says that, when he got back, he knew that something was up. This is not a season of great poker faces, I will say. He and Becky go for a walk, and Becky tells him that she and Sundra have been talking about a plan to "change up the order." Becky tells Yul that as much as it would be great to have the Aitu four go to the end together, she's really nervous about keeping Ozzy around. She mentions how good he is in terms of "balance" and "endurance," so you kind of get what her deal is. What's interesting here, to me, know, Becky really isn't that bad off if Ozzy wins a traditional F3 immunity challenge, assuming that she's still there. Would Ozzy take her or Yul? Her, right? It's interesting. "I think any of us would have a hard time against Ozzy," Yul agrees. He says plainly in an interview that he doesn't want to be in an F2 situation with Ozzy. He thinks any of them would lose to Ozzy, because the jury sees Ozzy as more "pure." Not with the scheming and so forth: "He's playing a straight-up game, and he's doing a hell of a job of it." Yul tells Becky that sticking with their alliance would be the "high road," but that getting rid of Ozzy would probably be the most aggressive game move.

Later, Parvati and Ozzy are in the shelter when Yul wonders aloud where Parvati is. Sundra comments that she's sleeping, after having "a hard day getting her massage." Heh. Sundra asks how Parvati was during the spa thing. Yul mentions the flirting between Parvati and Ozzy. "She's flirty with everybody," says Sundra. "That's her M.O." And normally, I would find that cattier than I do here, Parvati having basically declared herself that this was her strategy. Yul stresses that while Parvati is generally flirty, she's turning it way up with Ozzy: "I definitely underestimated her." In an interview, Sundra talks about there being a concern that Ozzy would "go with whomever has the best sell for him." I think she says "sell." "Cell" is a possibility, though I don't know what it would mean. I guess "sell" means "pitch" here, in a sense. I feel like I actually need a translator. Anyway, as a result of all this, Sundra sees Parvati as a threat for her possible ability to sway Ozzy. Yul asks Sundra whether she thinks Parvati is a threat, because he does. But, Yul adds, "we might have to vote off Ozzy." Sundra tells us that for the three of them -- herself, Becky, and Yul -- it's a matter of how to "cover [their] bases," because they know Adam and Parvati are up to no good. They agree that they'll have to see what's up with the next immunity challenge.

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