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Take Your Teeth And Go

Elsewhere, Yul, Becky, and Sundra talk about the fact that Ozzy is in the shelter with Adam and Parvati. "Do you think they're trying to work over Ozzy?" Yul wonders. Yeah, I wonder. I love you, Yul, but CATCH UP. He wonders whether there's any chance Ozzy can be swayed. Yul explains in an interview that they decided someone should "sit in," to keep anything from happening. As Yul walks over, he runs into Adam and asks him for a moment. "I know you've got to play the game," Yul says, "but don't try to get Ozzy against us." Ooooh. Adam insists that he isn't trying to do that, but that he was sitting here, and had to say something. "Yeah. Okay," says Yul. Adam says it made him feel "uneasy" that Yul was noticing what he was doing, so he thinks maybe he talked a little too much. There were people who didn't like it that Yul did that, but I loved it. Adam came to Yul earlier and basically sold out Parvati in order to stay, and Yul agreed to make that deal. They basically made an agreement that Parvati would go, and that Adam would at least get a shot to compete for immunity at F5 and perhaps longer. Now, Yul sees that Adam is trying to work with Parvati to turn Ozzy, and he's telling Adam that if he wants that free pass they talked about earlier, he can settle down and let Parvati get voted out. It didn't look to me like he implied in any way that it was immoral or unethical for Adam to talk to Ozzy; he just told him not to. In other words, he made a nice, clean, game-related threat -- to wit, "If you're not going to do what we agreed, I may not either." It looked like a guy who knows how to talk to Adam -- Adam, who only speaks Meathead Bully. You can't finesse it with Adam; he won't get it. So Yul was like, "Can it." And Adam's like, "Oh. Okay." Anyway, Adam says that he remains uneasy about tonight's vote.

As Jonathan's hat rests on the post, Yul wonders aloud whether Jonathan would be mad if Yul wore his hat to tribal council. "I don't know. You can try," says Becky. "Do you think Jeff is going to yell at me?" Yul wonders. Hee hee. He does know Probst. In an interview, Yul explains pretty plainly that Jonathan wanted the hat back, so Yul figured he'd give it back. There's no guarantee of getting anything back that you leave on the beach, so it doesn't seem unreasonable to me. Yul says that if he were booted, and he'd left something behind, he'd appreciate having it back: "I just feel like it's, like, a nice thing to do." Yul puts on the hat over his buff, and Sundra suggests that they call him "Yonathan." Hee. He suggests "Yulathan."

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