I Lost Two Hands And Possibly A Shoulder!

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I Lost Two Hands And Possibly A Shoulder!

The bickering continues. At one point, Courtney calls Aaron's bluff on his scoffing over the idea of the stock, saying that if they're not doing it that way, then James, who caught the crab, should get the whole thing. Aaron blanches, and it suddenly becomes obvious that somehow, Aaron thought he could make this turn out so that he, who had nothing to do with getting the crab, could somehow eat the whole thing himself. I'm not sure he even knew that was what he wanted until that moment, when something in his brain registered the thought, "But wait! If James eats the whole thing, then I cannot eat the whole thing." Ultimately, James, as crab-catcher, wins the argument, and they decide to make crab stock and add it to several portions of rice. James interviews that the people in the tribe are kind of dumb and hard to talk to. He goes on to rib the rest of the team about the fact that none of them seem to have even read any books about survival before they came. (That one's just for Wing Chun; she hates it that nobody does any research.) James goes on to tell us that he at least spent a few hours at Barnes & Noble reading up on survival, which he figured would be a good idea, considering that he normally won't even drink out of plastic cups. Hee. As a result of his minor preparation and everyone else's complete non-preparation, he feels "like Crocodile Dundee out here." I like the fact that his wilderness role model is still Crocodile Dundee. I like a guy who appreciates the classics.

Day 7, Zhan Hu. Dave...washes the camp, apparently. He moves bricks around for no immediately obvious reason. Peih-Gee tells him that she thinks he should get some rest. He blows her off, because it will be a cold day up Jean-Robert's shorts before Dave takes instructions from anyone. Especially a girl. Peih-Gee interviews that Dave seems to have learned absolutely nothing from the last challenge, in which he ran entirely out of energy and had to be rescued by Tiny Frosti The Super-Athletic Elf, which is why she's offering all the counseling. Dave turns incredibly condescending and rude to her as she tries, admittedly pushily, to help him figure out the logic of what she's saying, and eventually, he's blowing exaggerated smooches and whatnot. He interviews that in order to save energy, you have to expend energy. "Camp doesn't sort itself out," he says, as if the camera is a stupid person, and he goes to explain that "it's not rocket science" that you have to do work around camp. And you have to admit, he's right. If no one washes the ladder, then the ladder will go unwashed until ten minutes from now when it rains, and then where would everybody be with their smart remarks, huh?

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