I Lost Two Hands And Possibly A Shoulder!

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I Lost Two Hands And Possibly A Shoulder!

We learn that Jeff really, really loves saying the phrase "women on women," as he first calls it out when Sherea, Peih-Gee, and Jaime go against Amanda, Leslie, and Denise. Everyone puts up a good fight, and there's a ton of anatomy-blurring going on, but ultimately, Zhan Hu actually wins for once. Next up, Frosti, Erik, and Dave take on James, J-R, and Aaron. That seems a little unevenly matched, considering how much if it seems to rely on sheer body mass. Oh, but first! Dave decides to strip completely naked. It's funny, because when Richard Hatch did this, it was part of a whole way of, consciously or not, aggressively asserting his position and trying to intimidate people, but with Dave, it feels really different. He just seems like a poseur. Like, hi, Dave. We already have a Richard Hatch. AND HE'S IN JAIL. Anyway, you won't be surprised to hear that it's not too easy for, say, Frosti to throw James in the water (agility is helpful here, but it doesn't suspend Newton's Second Law Of Motion), so this round goes to Fei Long. Two great moments in this round: Aaron's dorky buff/headband gets slid down so that it's over his eyes like a blindfold, which looks awesome in freeze-frame. And second, Aaron's face basically winds up in Dave's naked junk, and the fact that they both found themselves in that position sort of pleases me, because I don't honestly think it's what either of them had in mind. In other news, Erik continues...not talking.

Another round of women (oh, I'm sorry, Jeff -- "women on women"), and Zhan Hu takes this one, too. Roll the lunch lady! Roooooll her! Next round is men again. Jeff Probst, once again proving that he has his moments, comes through with this, which he delivers with just the right touch of irritated boredom: "Dave, still naked." For some reason, Dave thinks he should taunt James, and you can imagine how well that goes for him. Fei Long wins. So it's 2-2, and whichever team takes this next round will win. I guess Zhan Hu should be relieved that women went first. Because yes, once again, Zhan Hu wins the women's round. Leslie also puts Peih-Gee in a chokehold, which is pretty surprising, not Jesus-sanctioned as far as I know, and something that, in the past, used to be against the rules. I am hopeful that fishhooking is also now allowed. So finally, Zhan Hu has won a challenge, and they win reward. Also, they get to kidnap someone from Fei Long, just as Fei Long kidnapped Jaime last week. They decide to kidnap Leslie. Jeff gives Leslie her sealed tube with the hidden-idol clue in it, just like the one Jaime got last week, with instructions to open it in private, and so on. Everybody returns to camp.

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