I Lost Two Hands And Possibly A Shoulder!

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I Lost Two Hands And Possibly A Shoulder!

Later, Zhan Hu returns to camp with Leslie, which Jaime says she was happy about, at least relative to the other people on Fei Long. Leslie tells the team she's really happy for them, and Dave -- always a model of class -- tells her that while she's around, he's going to swear less and wear pants. Dave is totally gunning for that Boy Scout hospitality badge! Leslie interviews that Zhan Hu seems like a pretty happy tribe, and they seem to have better morale than Fei Long, in spite of being down by two people. I'm not really sure I've seen any indication that either of these tribes has any cohesion at all, but this may be a simple matter of the grass being greener when it's not your obnoxious jerkweeds but a new bunch of obnoxious jerkweeds.

Later, there is swimming and diving, and Leslie seems to be thoroughly enjoying herself. As they all hang out in the water, they begin to quiz Leslie about Fei Long, drawing out that there are "strong personalities" and that Todd calls her "Mama." Peih-Gee interviews that they got a lot of good information just by being nice and friendly to Leslie, and she laughs that you can get good results "in a happy, nice way." Dave. Somebody -- the camera's on Jaime, but she's not talking, so I'm not sure who it is -- asks Leslie if she's "a Christian," and Leslie says she is, rattling off everyone she's aware of who's a Christian. I'm well aware that she (1) is answering a question that was put to her, at least at first; and (2) clearly has no idea how this sounds and hasn't thought through the implications of doing this dance with a bunch of strangers within earshot of a bunch of people who may not be Christian and will (correctly) conclude that Leslie is judging the group by how many people in it are Christian. It's still pretty much a dick move for everyone involved, having a big "So hey, what religion is everyone?" conversation, which takes the form of "So hey, let's name everyone who's the same religion I am/we are." Particularly when not everyone may have wanted to have this discussion thrust upon them. Leslie interviews that she came on Survivor to show people "the love of Christ," presumably whether they are interested in the love of Christ or not, and that's where she loses me, even though she seems like a nice lady who I'm sure does her proselytizing in the nicest way possible. When you come on Survivor to "show" people the merits of your particular religious beliefs, you are (1) not my kind of person; and (2) definitely not an interesting contestant, to me. There is literally nothing I can think of that I find more boring on reality shows than speeches about anyone's religion. Leslie goes on to say that at Fei Long, there aren't enough Christians for her liking, so everyone is "very cynical." I'm not sure who told her that "Christian" and "cynical" are opposites, but at this point, I realize that she and I will never see eye-to-eye, so I bid my own attempts to understand her a fond farewell.

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