I Lost Two Hands And Possibly A Shoulder!

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I Lost Two Hands And Possibly A Shoulder!

Speaking of Fei Long, let's go over there, where J-R and James are having a discussion while J-R takes a bath. They speak unkindly of Leslie, saying she can't pull her weight, and besides, James says, it's always the people who pray and make a big thing out of it who are actually sinning the most. "That's why they're prayin'!" James points out. "They know they're going to hell." As much as I'm not a fan of ostentatious praying, that's...pretty much bullshit, as near as I can tell. Nearby, it turns out that Courtney and Todd are accidentally listening in as J-R opens a discussion about strategy. J-R says that he's pretty clear that J-R, himself, and Denise all should be kept around for a while. And then the discussion specifically moves to Todd, and then to Courtney, whom J-R says will obviously go first. (I think it's J-R; it's off-screen.) Todd interviews that the guys were pretty idiotic for not realizing he and Courtney were sitting there listening to the discussion about Courtney.

And then the ugliness ramps up considerably, as J-R decides to talk about how much he's just sure James is hot for Courtney's ass, which James seems to be trying to deflect/ignore, even after J-R says it would be great if James could get "a million dollars and some ass." I couldn't hear every word of that discussion, I admit, but at least from the part I heard, James didn't participate that much in that part of it, and he actually defended Courtney's work ethic, saying that she works pretty hard around camp, presumably compared to Leslie. But the thing can't just stand there. You become complicit. What happened there, the degrading way J-R talked about her and the way he tried to reduce her not only to an object but to a cheap, throwaway object...James doesn't strike me as a bad guy, but there are things where you can't just stand there, and that's one of them. If you don't say, "I don't talk about women that way, and neither should you," you're complicit. Furthermore, although Courtney is stretching her face to laugh and smile really extravagantly like she thinks this is really funny, you can tell how pained and embarrassed she feels; it's completely obvious. "I'm never sleeping near any of them again," she whispers to Todd, and that part is so sad, because that...kind of happens, you know? People get scared and intimidated and whatever, and now she's going to feel uncomfortable and devalued, which is why this kind of thing is important and not just guys sitting around being horny. Todd is clearly hurt and angry on Courtney's behalf by the way these guys talked about her, and I'm not sure he even knows who said what or really cares, so he vows to the camera that he's going to make those two guys pay, because there's a time for "taking out the trash." I don't really believe he can necessarily follow through on this, but of all the reasons to become vaguely threatening and menacing in a way that probably promises more than you can deliver, this isn't a bad one.

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