I Lost Two Hands And Possibly A Shoulder!

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I Lost Two Hands And Possibly A Shoulder!

So now, on Day 9, Leslie decides to pull Jaime aside and give her the sealed clue tube, which is just like the one she got from Jaime, so it seems like turnabout is fair play, and it also keeps more people from finding out what's going on with the tubes. It turns out that this second clue emphasizes that the idol is up, not down, which is in line with the last week's camera-shot revelation that the idol is up on the arch they walk under to get into camp. Seriously, if it never occurs to them to look at the giant prop that's been erected at random and never existed prior to this season, then I don't feel too sorry for them. Once again, we see the idol's position emphasized with the Hellooooooo-Cam.

Challenge. When everybody gets there, Jeff asks Leslie how the time with Zhan Hu was, and she says it was great. Plenty of Christians! Jeff allows her to return to Fei Long, home of the heathens. Jeff explains that this is yet another brute force challenge, at least at first, with this one requiring each of four people on the tribe to whack ropes and beams with a machete to release bundles of discs. When the discs are retrieved, all four sets, they can be assembled by two puzzle-solvers on a post that sits on a gigantically heavy rock base. When they're done, they'll drag the entire puzzle over a finish line. There's ultimately only one thing that needs saying about this challenge, which is that Courtney goes first for Fei Long (Leslie and Denise sit out under the rule where you can't sit out the same person in consecutive challenges), and she literally takes such a long time chopping the ropes in the most stereotypically girly way possible that the four choppers on Zhan Hu are all done and working on the puzzle before she finishes. I'm not sure whose genius idea it was for Courtney to chop ropes with a machete instead of just solving a puzzle, but it makes me think she must have immediately announced that she's bad at puzzles, which is...not great for her. In any event, she manages to get Fei Long so far behind that it seems like they should maybe just quit now and conserve their energy.

But wait! The puzzle seems to confuse Zhan Hu, so maybe there's time to catch up after all! How surprising! Long story short? Almost, but not quite. It does seem like Fei Long gets itself back in the game after falling insanely behind, but I guess I credit that in part to Zhan Hu sucking at puzzles. But Fei Long can't quite make it out of the hole Courtney dug for them, and the puzzle-solvers of Zhan Hu beat them to immunity, sending Fei Long to tribal council for the first time.

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