I Lost Two Hands And Possibly A Shoulder!

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I Lost Two Hands And Possibly A Shoulder!

J-R gives a speech to most of the tribe (except Courtney and Leslie) about booting either Courtney or Leslie based on how weak they are, throwing a comment in about how he's seen meatier anorexics than Courtney, true, but also mean, and there's something about berating her for being too skinny a day after cheapening her into a sexual conquest that kind of wraps up sexual politics in a really disturbing bindle I wish he would just take with him when he LEAVES. Todd continues to waffle in his interviews.

Tribal council. Take your torch; fire represents life. Someone will be snuffed! Jeff wants to talk about how they won all these challenges, and then they took two losses, and their psychological edge was eliminated. J-R lectures about how they have strong guys, but they have weak girls. After J-R calls out Courtney and Leslie at Probst's urging, Courtney makes the point that living with a guy who thinks this way about her isn't that much fun. She says that practically all the challenges have amounted to wrestling and muscling so far, and she's been aware of the disdain for her. James protests, but she says that's the way it feels, and Jeff calls J-R out on the fact that he did in fact say Courtney was weak. J-R goes into exactly what you'd expect to see, which is a "just keeping it real!" speech. Which actually ends with "just keeping it real," which is surprising.

When she gets the chance to speak, Leslie informs her tribe that Zhan Hu may be skinny and tired and incompetent and run dysfunctionally, but they have fun, dammit! Fun! Her team must have heart! Asked if he's concerned, J-R says that he feels like he's one of the people who might be in trouble on this vote.

And now, it is time for the voting! And when the votes are counted (see how we skip along?), it turns out that other than Leslie and Courtney, who voted for J-R, Leslie got all the votes, and she's gone. There were a couple of votes for "Mom," so I guess that was supposed to soften the blow? I'm also curious about how the focus shifted from Courtney, who was so utterly useless in that challenge and looks like she might blow away, to Leslie, who may not be a physical powerhouse, but who didn't embarrass herself, particularly. I wonder if Todd took up for Courtney or something. After Leslie is snuffed, Jeff announces that apparently, the tribe needs to find ways to "utilize each person's unique strength." Courtney, for instance, would make a good...rice stirrer?

In her parting words, Leslie says she's very proud of herself. She chased her dream! And now, God has decided that He wants her to go home, so that's fine with her. Apparently, He also does not want her to engage in any analysis to figure out whether she made any mistakes along the way that might have contributed to her going home early. Things being predestined to go a certain way is very handy like that.

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