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Meanwhile, Mark is still freaking out that he's going to be voted out for being old. Dawn must be sick of hearing this from him, but she agrees not to vote for him and he promises not to vote for her. Dawn says her only hope right now is that her tribe has forgotten what a loon she was yesterday and are only focusing on Semhar and Jim's fight after the challenge. She and Mark, who pronounce Semhar's name differently every time they say it in this scene, agree to vote for her tonight. Ozzy, meanwhile, is working on the blonde girl, Keith, Elyse, and Jim about why they should keep Semhar and Dawn around for at least another three days and take out John instead, because he's weak and unathletic. And, I suspect, because Ozzy is worried that John is dangerously intelligent and savvy about how the game works. Even though it's clear to me now that he isn't. Ozzy admits in an interview that Semhar blew the challenge today, but tells his tribemates that she was brave to "step up" and be on the coconut team in the first place. "I'd rather have somebody not step up!" Jim says, completely baffled as to why Ozzy would want to keep Semhar over anyone. He interviews that there's no reason not to vote Semhar out, so Ozzy must be keeping her in the game for his own selfish reasons. "Semhar is pretty much useless," he says, adding that he suspects Ozzy is trying to make an alliance with all the pretty young women on the tribe. And since Jim is not a pretty young women, that would be bad for him.

Ozzy breaks it down to Semhar, telling her that he wants her to stay in the game, but right now the vote is going to come down to her and John. "If you want to stay here you gotta do some work," Ozzy says; "you gotta do some politicking. Like, seriously." Seeing as how Semhar couldn't bring herself to say more than "I feel sorta bad" to Probst when she lost the challenge for everyone, I doubt she'll be able to muster up the passion and charm needed to convince the others to keep her around. But she tries anyway. She tells the blonde that she should vote for John because he's a huge fan of the game but doesn't seem to be playing it. Yeah, because you always want hardcore players around when you're trying to win a million dollars. Semhar then heads for Keith and asks if he's voting for her tonight. "You don't have to worry," Keith says, refusing to look her in the eye.

Jim runs around to try to align the forces against Semhar. He breaks it to John that the vote tonight is between him and Semhar, and John, master Survivor strategist that he is, never saw this coming. Jim, who obviously knows more about this game and human behavior in general than John does, says Ozzy is probably trying to see how much pull he has with his tribe right now and if he can convince them to vote his way. John says one of his weaknesses, among many, is his crippling insecurity. Which is why it's such a good idea to go on a show like this. Because it doesn't play with your self-esteem at all. He says it was "heart-breaking" to find out that he could be voted out first even though he's supposedly such an expert on this show that surely he would have known that there's always going to be one person who is voted out before everyone else. He says he is now in "high-alert paranoia mode" and "really depressed" about the fact that he might be the first person to be voted out even though he truly adds nothing to the tribe. John says he can't believe he would be the first person to go when his tribe has people like Mark, Semhar, and "all these girls" who would be a better choice to vote out instead. Yeah, because people like "all these girls" never go far in this game, right? Except for, like, that 50% of the time they seem to win. They certainly do, statistically, get a lot further in this game that people like John. Anyway, John doesn't seem to do much by way of politicking to save himself (not even looking around for the immunity idol!), and the self-proclaimed Survivor expert just sits around moping while everyone else packs up to leave for Tribal Council.

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