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The pathetic tribe that is Savaii arrive at Tribal Council. Probst does his speech, then opens by asking Dawn if Redemption Island is on her mind. Dawn says it is, and she wonders if her tribemates are prepared, mentally, for that aspect of the game. She says it's tough enough trying to survive with eight people to help, let alone what it must be like out there alone. Probst, of course, asks her how tough the first three days have been, and without hesitation Dawn tells him and the rest of her tribe what a mess she was at just Day Two. She says it's been hard to be away from everything she knows and she "lost confidence." "You lost a lot of confidence in yourself," Probst nods like he's a therapist and not a cheesy game show host. Dawn says it was tough for a while, but now she's back on track and feeling much better.

Probst asks Elyse if she can think of anyone else on the tribe who should be worried tonight. "I think Semhar is concerned," Elyse says, which seems to come as a surprise to Semhar, judging by the expression on her face. Probst asks Jim for more information, and he says he is a competitor and thus hates to lose, and Semhar put herself out there as someone who could throw coconuts in a basket and didn't come through for them. "I think the only people that are good losers are people that are good at losing," Jim anti-Successories. Semhar still doesn't get a chance to speak, as Probst talks to the blonde girl and asks if she's relieved to see the blame falling on Semhar and not the blonde girl herself. The blonde girl throws Semhar way under the bus, saying that she would have been happy to throw the coconuts, but Semhar was "so vocal about her abilities" that no one else had the chance to step up instead.

Probst finally addresses Semhar. Semhar says that if she hadn't volunteered to take on the coconut throwing then she would be safe right now, but she stepped up because she has "heart" and gives her all, a statement Jim seems to disagree with. That's all Semhar gets to say for now, as Probst turns to Ozzy and asks if he'd rather play with someone who will step up like Semhar or someone who would rather watch someone else take the fall. Ozzy says it's better to play with someone like Semhar "philosophically," a.k.a. he'd rather keep Semhar and her boobs in the game longer but no one else does, so he's going to go with them rather than step up and vote the way he wants and risk negative attention.

Probst turns back to Dawn and asks her if anyone else should be worried tonight. I think he's trying to get her to say herself, but instead she says John, "based on just strength." John protests, saying that he knows he may appear weak with his glasses and pale skin, but he thinks he held his own during the challenge today except for a brief "snafu" at the climbing wall. He's the one who brought it up, and yet, when Probst asks for details, he acts surprised that anyone even noticed he did anything wrong. Mark volunteers to talk about it, but first, insists that Probst call him Papa Bear. Whatever. Mark says John just got confused for a few seconds in front of the climbing wall until Mark and Ozzy handled it by tossing him over it. I'm not sure what he's talking about. I saw Dawn lifting John up single-handedly, not Mark or Ozzy. "You hesitated," he says to John, who asks if that was a "fatal mistake." Don't ask, John. Just say that it wasn't. There's no room for insecurity in this game. No one wants to watch John's Personal Growth Hour. "Sometimes you need direction. I'm sorry," Mark says.

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