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We Don't Need Spoken Words

Probst notes that Semhar must be enjoying seeing John get some negative attention instead of her. Semhar says sure, and it's good for her when people say that John is a weaker link than her. John asks if anyone has actually said that, like, how is it Semhar's job to keep him informed or tell him the truth? Does he not realize that it's either her or him leaving and this is not a friendly little law class discussion? John asks Probst if he can respond, or will Probst say his famous "it is time to vote" line? Probst says that's not up to him - this is Savaii's Tribal Council and they'll sit here "as long as you want." Don't say that! This show has already been expanded to an hour and a half for this episode. It doesn't need to be two or three. John decides to do some politicking for the first time way too late in the game and says that Semhar, whose name he still doesn't know how to pronounce, doesn't do much around camp. All she does do, apparently, is stand in front of the cooking pot for ten hours a day. Semhar says she doesn't have to be asked or told to do that, whereas John apparently wanders around camp until someone tells him what needs to be done and has to show him how to do it. John defends that as "building a knowledge base" and "being an eager student." Again, he's been watching this show for how many years and he still hasn't built up a "knowledge base?" Useless!

John reminds the group that being on this show is a "culmination" of eleven years of passionate Survivor-watching, from which, it seems, the only thing he learned was that it's bad to be voted out first. He didn't learn how to avoid that, but he did learn that it's not a good thing. Probst asks John how things will change if his life in the game is spared tonight. John starts talking about how he'll be a hard worker around camp and a "genie in a bottle" and a "whole new Cochran" and he doesn't think Semhar has the same passion to do whatever it takes to stay in the game. Semhar says that John's love of the show works against him, because he's so in awe of everything that he doesn't remember to do anything. John says he doesn't think the vote should based on what's happened so far, though, and Semhar frowns and asks what they're supposed to base it on, then. Yeah, really. I don't like Semhar but after John's ridiculousness tonight, I would have totally voted for him over her. Keith pipes up and agrees they have to base the vote on what's happened so far. "Does it have to be?" John whines again. Keith says of course it does, because they've only known John and each other for three days. "You have a small window to get to know people," he concludes.

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