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We Don't Need Spoken Words

Probst decides that it's time to vote for either Semhar or John. Semhar insults the hell out of John by casting her vote for "Coachran." John votes for Semhar, reciting the speech you know he practiced in his head several times: "you've questioned my intelligence, you've questioned my commitment to this game, and you've made me question why you have to be here any longer, so" -- and here he falls apart - "I can't, I can't take it [giggle]." Everything this kid does is just embarrassing. Probst goes off to tally the votes, and Mark hugs John and Semhar as if he didn't just cast a vote against one of them. Get over yourself, Mark.

Probst returns with the urn. The first two votes are John and Semhar's for each other, and then ... Semhar. Semhar. "Senhar." And Semhar. While John breathes a huge sigh of relief, Probst snuffs Semhar's torch and says she may still be able to get back in the game via Redemption Island. Ozzy's parting words for Semhar aren't exactly kind considering how much he seemed to like her: "should've taught her how to make a fire," he shrugs coldly. Semhar sobs her way down the stairs, making me feel sorry for her for first time, as John mutters a "thank you" to Dawn.

On Redemption Island, Semhar sulks and pouts about how her tribemates lied to her face and are all "fake." "I don't understand how people can be so cold-hearted," she sobs. I'm not sure what she expected, but even with a comment like that, I'd have to say that she still knows more about how this game works than John.

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