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Probst reminds everyone that we're still doing the stupid Redemption Island thing this season, so contestants will still have a chance to re-enter the game after they've been voted out. Then, he says, it's time for their first challenge. But this is going to a "Hero Challenge." What does that mean, exactly? Apparently, Ozzy and Coach are now considered to be heroes, so they will represent their tribes and go head-to-head against each other. The challenge is an obstacle and a puzzle, just like nearly every challenge is these days, starting with a tall wooden pole that must be climbed to retrieve a little wooden turtle figurine, a log they must dig through the sand to pass under, and then a six-piece (the little turtle counts as the top piece) Tower of Hanoi puzzle to solve. The winner gets a reward for his tribe: the usual flint and a bunch of hairy-looking root vegetables called taro. The contestants aren't deprived enough to really care about that, but Probst insists that this is a great prize and they will love it.

Coach and Ozzy are both ridiculous, so they begin the challenge with a series of eerily similar meditation hand gestures. Did they practice those together back the hotel or something? Probst says go, and Ozzy takes a quick lead, getting through the wooden pole and under the log first. It doesn't give him much of an advantage, though, as he insists on trying to move two puzzle pieces at the same time and Probst screams at him for breaking the rules and makes him move the pieces back. Coach tries to catch up, he's too busy breaking Probst's other rule and placing larger pieces on top of smaller ones. Once Ozzy realizes what he's dealing with, he also sees that he's not nearly smart enough to do it himself, and asks his tribe to help from the sidelines. Coach's tribe quickly follows suit, but their advice is much less helpful and Coach doesn't seem to have any idea how to move the pieces himself. Ozzy, on the other hand, finally gets it and makes quick work of completing the puzzle. Coach wasn't even close. Ozzy becomes his new tribe's hero, sitting in the middle of them and basking in their love as Coach sits on the outskirts of his tribe and tries not to get stabbed by Christine's eye-daggers. Probst sends the tribes off, and Coach's says nothing to him except for Edna, who stays behind while he's grabbing his stuff and is generally a nice and decent person, which should get her voted out by Episode 5.

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