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The Wizard of Ozzy

Probst asks James to speak for the entire tribe and whether they're going to keep up their end of the bargain to Jason and vote against one of their own, or if their guarantees aren't worth the invisible paper they're written on. James assholishly responds that getting on everyone's nerves can't be appeased by a donut. Okay, but what about a donut and pizza and beer? That'd be about enough for me, and I'm not starving on an island. "If you tempt somebody with a donut and they say, 'oh yeah, sure?' -- they might've just wanted a damn donut," James says. Ozzy and Erik smile. Why be so happy to be an asshole on TV, guys? Millions of people are watching you delight in having no honor. Although I guess they'll also think "Oh, but they had their fingers crossed so their verbal promises don't have to count! Well played, you guys." Probst asks Cirie if James just said that the group isn't planning on keeping its word to Jason. "Sounds like what he said, Jeff," Cirie responds. Probst asks Parvati what she thinks of all this. "I think it was a crazy deal," she says; "if it works out for him, then that's great for him. But if he made this deal and he gets voted out tonight? That's a huge risk that he took." Good thing we asked for her input; she certainly shed some light on things.

Probst asks Ozzy if having the idol gives him some comfort tonight in what is an "uneasy situation." It doesn't seem very uneasy to me. Sounds like everyone's planning to take Jason out. "A certain amount," Ozzy says; continuing that he'll see how he feels once all the votes are cast and he's read everyone's faces. Parvati looks worried, which makes me happy since it means she's planning on voting for Ozzy. Probst says that either everyone is going to go back on their word and boot Jason or someone else is getting a "big surprise." Time to vote!

Ozzy votes first, and flashes Eliza a smile on his way up. Dude, you voted her out three days ago. Save the smile, okay? We don't see who Alexis votes for, but she's shaking her head when she puts it in the urn, seemingly because she's disgusted with herself for breaking her promise to Jason. Uh oh. Jason votes for Ozzy, of course. James votes for Jason, saying "I thought I was the dumbest Survivor ever." Meanwhile, he forgot he was in the middle of an immunity competition and lost it after laughing at two other people who did the same thing. Parvati walks up to vote as Erik seemingly bobs his head in time with the music. As she sits back down, Cirie smirks. I don't know what's going to happen, but it's got to be Jason going home tonight, right? It would be so amazing if they got Ozzy out, which is what makes me think they won't.

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