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The Wizard of Ozzy

Probst tallies the votes and asks if anyone wants to play the idol. There's a tense moment as everyone looks to Ozzy. He shifts around, He does not play the idol. Jason and Cirie grin. I'm starting to have some hope that she actually made this happen. First vote is for Jason. Second vote: Jason, done in Erik's typical silly fancy handwriting. This time it's bubble letters with a star in the "o." Third vote is Jason's vote for Ozzy. Fourth vote is for Jason again. It's looking bad. Ozzy smiles. The fifth vote is for Jason. That's four votes. One more and he's out. Ozzy smirks and rubs his chin. He thinks he's amazing. And now...the sixth vote. And it's for Ozzy! Ozzy's facial expression changes quite a bit now as he tries to figure out who voted for him and why -- and if he or she brought friends. Amanda, too, looks confused. The seventh vote is also for Ozzy. James and Amanda are shocked. I can't believe Cirie actually did it. She did it! I never should have doubted her. Now it remains to be seen whether or not everyone went along with the plan. Meanwhile, Eliza is on the jury bench and she is FLABBERGASTED. I have never seen anyone look so surprised. Ozzy gets another vote, tying him with Jason at four votes each. The last vote will decide it. Did Parvati go against one of her alliances? Could she have screwed her good friend Ozzy over so hard? Amanda has her head in her hands. Eliza has a hand on her chest. She cannot believe this! I have no idea what's going to happen, but then Cirie smirks and I know that everything is going to go according to plan. See you later, Ozzy! James smiles and puts his head in his hands, knowing that they all just got played. Sure enough, the last vote is read and it's for Ozzy.

Amanda gapes. Ozzy buries his head in his hands. I hope he's hearing all the stuff he said about Jason being stupid and naïve playing back in his head right now. Jason cheers to himself. Eliza almost barfs in shock and happiness. God, her expressions were amazing. Is there a way we can see her reactions to everything all the time? Maybe as an extra on the official Survivor site? I would have loved to see what she thought of Alexis, Natalie, and James' performance at the immunity challenge, for instance.

A really pissed off Ozzy gets his bag and says "Thanks, guys." Go cry, crybaby! It's all a part of the game you thought you were the master of. He brings his torch to Probst, who snuffs it as Ozzy looks back at the players with a death glare, probably trying to decide which one of them was responsible for this. It's probably easy enough to tell, since the people who voted for Jason are sitting there looking shocked and the people who voted for Ozzy are either smirking or Parvati. Ozzy leaves, and Amanda is still catching flies with her slack jaw of shock. "That was a very big blindside," says Captain Obvious Probst. As the remaining contestants stand, Eliza has to stifle her laughter.

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