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The Wizard of Ozzy

Back at the beach, Jason says he could have stayed in the game longer, while Parvati reveals that she was about to go, just to make Jason feel stupider. Jason tells us that he spent six and a half hours up there trying to win immunity, only to give it up for food and verbal guarantees. "I'm taking a chance here," he says. Uh...yeah. Just a little bit. For a "Fan," you sure don't know much about what people's verbal word means on this show. Jason walks away from everyone in order to let them plot against him amongst themselves. Parvati immediately thanks everyone for getting him out of the challenge with their guarantees. Meanwhile, Ozzy tells Alexis he has no intention of keeping Jason in the game. "He should've known better," he says of Jason. Yeah, he should've. I have no idea what he thought this was going to accomplish. "I think one of the dumbest, most naïve moves in Survivor history just got played out," Ozzy tells us; "[Jason is] going to go home." This quotation is especially funny considering what happens to Ozzy later (spoiler!!). As Jason sits off by himself, James says he has no idea what Jason was thinking, stepping down like that. Ozzy says he must have been delirious from being up there so long. "He just wanted a friend," James laughs rather cruelly. "This game is outwit, outplay -- " Ozzy starts; "outlast, yeah," James finishes. "He just got outwitted," Ozzy says, so confidently. The votes haven't been cast yet, Mr. Awesome. Meanwhile, Amanda actually has a tiny sliver of morals and is surprised to hear that they're voting for Jason despite giving him their guarantees. Ozzy says they should do it now, lest Jason goes on an "immunity rampage" and they never get the chance again.

So it looks like Jason is a goner. But wait! I see a spider knitting a web, and that means scheming is afoot! Sure enough, there's Cirie. She tells us that Ozzy wants to vote Jason out despite the guarantees, which makes this the perfect time to vote Ozzy out instead. He'll never see it coming and therefore won't play his idol. This is a brilliant plan, but can she pull it off? Ami was always thinking of plans like this and they never worked. Cirie goes to Natalie, Alexis, and Parvati and explains her plan. They apparently agree to it, as Cirie then warns them not to tell Amanda, James, or Erik about this for fear of giving the game away. With Jason's vote, they'll have five votes for Ozzy to four votes for Jason, which is all they need. But will Jason go along with it? He might be stupid enough to tell Ozzy about this plan in yet another misguided attempt to make friends. Amanda walks up and everyone immediately stops talking. Suspicious. But Parvati saves it by walking up to Amanda and asking if the plan is to vote out Jason tonight. They all say they're planning to do just that, as they crossed their fingers when making the guarantee, thereby absolving them of all blame and making everything a-okay. Amanda walks away, seemingly placated.

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