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Cirie-ous Problems

Cirie gets kind of pissy here, and tells them, "The same argument you're using, they're using the same argument." They are? They're using an argument that Yau-Man and Jonathan and Ami and Eliza are romantic couples, so it's incredibly dangerous to let them advance together? That seems unlikely to be true. Although I'm sure it wouldn't be any more farfetched than some of the fanfic I suspect is out there. Since Cirie is basically telling Jonathan that the two alliances are both using the same tactics on her, he says, "I'm not going to use any argument; I'm going to use common sense." Which again, I think he means to be like, "This isn't tactics; I'm basing my plan on what makes sense for all of us," but it's not coming off that way. He doesn't realize that Cirie has a huge chip on her shoulder about Jonathan, convinced that he's going to try to play her (even though right now, he's not) and that she is just waiting for him to say something she can call bullshit on. You can see that Cirie's sitting there with this bitchface on, all head-cocked, internally dismissing whatever Jonathan's going to say before he's even said it. So although he's trying to make an argument based on logic, she's interpreting it as untrue and, because she thinks it's untrue, she thinks his trying to sell bullshit to her is insulting. So what he thinks is a calm explanation of what he genuinely thinks is playing, to her, like he thinks she's stupid enough to believe what he's saying. And then from his perspective, if there's anything Jonathan is hypersensitive about, it's the "you're a rat" moralistic crap from his original season, and I think he's beginning to sense that this is where Cirie is going with all of this -- that he's an untrustworthy person in some fundamental way (which, just as he pointed out himself, is as dumb as trying to make someone the villain of Monopoly), and as soon as he smells that attitude in the discussion, he starts to get really disgusted by it and he gets impatient, and now you have...a thing.

Now, Cirie is insisting that Jonathan admit that he and Yau-Man have "a little thing," and she basically makes it clear that if Jonathan admits it, then he loses her vote (because: sub-alliance), and if he denies it, then he loses her vote (because: liar), and she's being so incredibly high-handed here, it's really unappealing to me. And Cirie keeps insisting that she knows everything about what Jonathan's plans are, and she talks and talks, and when Jonathan tries to defend himself by calling the idea that he's trying to put something over on her "ridiculous," she sort of sits back, all, "carry me on the chariot-type thing" and snots, "Being like that isn't really going to get my vote." Being like...what? I don't understand this, nor do I understand just how far Cirie expects this "swing vote" bullshit to stretch, nor do I understand why she doesn't get that you lose your power with people when you make it clear that you've already made up your mind. Nevertheless, Jonathan attempts to de-escalate the discussion at this point. Intending to go to a "let's take a deep breath and not get ahead of ourselves" place, but not doing a very good job of disguising his frustration with the power trip Cirie's trying to pull here (the "that's not going to get my vote" threatening tone is really making him angry, you can tell), he says, "Wait a minute. We have a long way to go yet." Cirie cuts him off here: "I know! I know that! I played just like you played! How far did you get?"

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