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Cirie-ous Problems

And then there's a discussion among Ozzy, James, Parvati, and Amanda, except that Ami is there. It's like every alliance is inviting a representative of the other alliances to listen in on their strategy session. Parvati tells Ozzy that Cirie wants Yau-Man out: "We have to vote with her." Ozzy shakes his head: "I'm voting for Eliza." Parvati says that Cirie wants Yau-Man, and then Ozzy says it: "We don't need Cirie." Which is absolutely true. This is where Cirie's entire strategy relies on people being idiots, because there's no way one person is that powerful. There are a million other ways for a vote to be arranged, other than These Four versus Those Four. Parvati insists that if they don't vote with Cirie, "she'll never trust us." "Who's she going to trust?" Ozzy asks. Like, for real. Now Cirie has alienated Jonathan and Yau-Man, at least. Where's she going? Amanda tells Parvati that she's not wild about having Cirie make the decision unilaterally, or about accepting that they always have to do whatever Cirie says, because who knows where that's going, down the line?

So Parvati and friends call Cirie over for a talk. With Ami there. I am confused; see above. Ozzy and James plead with her to vote off Eliza instead of Yau-Man, for the good of the team in challenges. But Cirie continues to insist that it's her way or the highway, because she's determined, at this point, simply to throw her weight around. There's no way that taking out Yau-Man this week is this important. It just isn't. James interviews that he's not crazy about Cirie's insistence on being the boss of everybody: "It feels like I'm in China again, messing with a bunch of dumb-asses." Oh, James. Being a legendary dumb-ass makes that a harder case for you to make.

Elsewhere, Jonathan fairly stupidly argues to Ami and Eliza that they might knock out Parvati with four votes, if the other group is split between Yau-Man and Eliza. Eliza straightens him right out, correctly saying that they're going to settle on something: "They're not that stupid." Seriously, I am shocked that a guy this smart is using this as his plan. Gotta think of something else, dude. Get Yau-Man with you, and tell Ozzy and James you'll vote with them against Eliza, and then Ozzy gets Amanda, and Parvati gets told to suck an egg...something else. Preferably something where Parvati gets told to suck an egg, because...awesome. Because this split-vote thing will not happen, and that's not a spoiler -- that's "common sense."

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