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Cirie-ous Problems

And then it degenerates, and Cirie and Jonathan both act like jerks, and she's bitchy (which: NOOO!), and he's all "vote your conscience" (which: BARF!), and let's just get this over with. And then Parvati is asked for some thoughts, and really, she doesn't have any, so that's insignificant. Seriously, it's like, "People think I'm a flirt! I hope I don't get voted off." Thanks, Giggles Barbie.

Voting, voting, voting. Jonathan votes for Parvati, opening with the obvious lie, "I have nothing against you, Parvati," and going on to make a truly incoherent argument about how Cirie led Parvati to destruction that makes him look like a crazypants, because now Parvati is getting eaten, or something. Voting, voting, THANK GOD. Cirie votes for Yau-Man, spitting that he aligned himself with the big liar rat-cancer, and that's why he has to be voted out, which...does she know this is on TV and we know that's not why she's voting for him? I hate this. Cirie and Jonathan are both acting like such jackholes. He was doing fine up until tribal council, so he lasted longer than she did, but now they both suck. At least for now. Perhaps there is still redemption on the way, at least for someone.

Nobody has the immunity idol to play. Two for Parvati, six for Yau-Man, one for Cirie (random -- turns out to be Ami!). So Yau-Man is out, and he leaves. He's gracious, but he really did nothing interesting this time around, which is a disappointment. There are only a few people around who I even have the potential to care much about, and...there goes another.

Next week: Cirie and Jonathan hate each other, and the whole thing degenerates. Some more.

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