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Cirie-ous Problems

Anyway, after Cirie's talk about how she really wishes everyone would pay a little more attention to her power position, she goes out on a boat with Amanda and Parvati. Now, if you're Cirie here, and you're smart, you know that Parvati and Amanda desperately want your vote here, with nine people left. With nine people left, they will say anything to you. Once there are eight people left, all you can do by going against them is force a tie, so now it's your hands that are tied in staying with them, unless you want to potentially go up yourself. So this, potentially, is really the week when they will say anything to you, and therefore, nothing they say should be taken at face value at all. Not only that, but they still have a lot of time to get rid of you before the jury, meaning that their betrayal of you wouldn't even matter. What I'm saying here is that it is ridiculous, at this moment, to make big decisions based on what people tell you they're going to do fifteen tribal councils from now. Nevertheless, this is what Cirie wants to do. So on the floaty raft, Cirie confronts Parvati and Amanda about the relationships they have with their respective boyfriends. Parvati tells Cirie that she would lose against Ozzy or James in the final three, so she wouldn't take them that far. Amanda offers to stop "flirting with Ozzy" (for God's sake, Amanda, you're sharing a shelter with these people! They're not blind and deaf! You don't have groceries, so they know that is not the sound of you sucking the marinade out of a cooked steak!) if that's what Cirie wants, but Cirie and Parvati tell her to keep it up to "keep him close." Yeah, she'll keep him close, all right.

Back on shore, Eliza asks Jonathan whether he's nervous about Cirie, and he says he isn't. Eliza advises Jonathan that, like Eliza herself, Cirie "gets paranoid" and needs reassurance. Jonathan says that they should reassure her, then. On the raft, Cirie is telling Parvati and Amanda that she wants to vote out Yau-Man, because if he ever gets to Exile Island, he'll get the idol, and because she thinks -- as they do -- that none of them would win at the end against him. So Cirie gets Amanda's and Parvati's word that it's the three of them "to the end." So...let me get this straight. Cirie's theory is that if Amanda and Parvati didn't really intend to do this, they would tell her at this point, "Well, no, Cirie, you don't really have our word, no. But we'd still really like your vote." Meanwhile, Jonathan can't understand why Cirie would switch to the couples unless she wants to be "queen bee." Eliza points out that there's no way Cirie will be queen of those people. Which is true.

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