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u guys know this, but the winner gets to choose who he will take to the final tribal council and thus have an advantage. And this season's finale challenge ... is freaking lame. Because Probst doesn't like those really long endurance challenges, we have to watch as contestants place a ball in a big metal contraption. It will roll down and pop out of one of two exit points, where the contestants, who have one hand tied behind their backs, must catch it with their free hand and place it back in the chute. More balls will be added, and they will alternate which exit they come out of. If you drop the ball, you lose. And if you've ever been in the waiting room of a pediatrician, then you've done this before.

And we begin! Things start off easy enough with one ball in play. The most entertaining thing is hearing Probst talk about balls, and that's only if you're eleven. The contestants add a second ball, at which point this game supposedly starts getting good. Everyone makes it through the round, and when a third ball is added, Erinn almost drops a ball. Concentrate, Erinn! Nope, she put her balls in too close together and still has one in her hand when another one comes flying out of the other exit and hits the ground. You lose, Erinn. You lose a million dollars. Stephen is the next to falter, almost missing the ball because he sucks at catching. He's so rattled that he nearly misses the next ball the same way. J.T. and Stephen put another ball in, bringing the total to four. Stephen almost drops another ball, while J.T. looks pretty solid. Then Stephen screws up catching yet another ball, which throws off his timing. He misses his next ball and is out. So J.T. wins, and this is no longer suspenseful. Probst congratulates J.T. for winning immunity three times in a row (not such a huge accomplishment considering the caliber of players left in the game. Erinn lost because she didn't understand how to space her balls far enough apart and Stephen lost because he can't catch. Sad) and making it to the Final Two. He says J.T. now has a "million dollar decision" on who to take with him, which it isn't in this case since he's sure to beat either one of them. On the way out, J.T. interviews that he promised Stephen he'd take him to the end, but "promises come cheap in this game." So did the final immunity challenge props.

The three return to camp. Stephen interviews that he was actually relieved not to win the immunity challenge, because now he doesn't have to choose between J.T. or Erinn. And yet, he seemed pretty upset at the time he lost, so whatever. Erinn talks to J.T. away from Stephen. He asks if she thinks Tempura will vote for her out of loyalty to their tribemate. "No," Erinn laughs, saying that everyone on that jury resents her for outlasting him. She's telling the truth. If Erinn makes it to the end, we'll see an ugly, spiteful jury. She says the only vote she has any hope of getting is from Taj if she's still angry at J.T. for voting her out early. J.T. agrees. Erinn lets that sink in for a minute, then tells J.T. that Stephen said it would be suicide to go up against J.T. at the end. J.T. asks Erinn if Stephen would have taken her to the Final Tribal Council. Erinn says she thinks so, and he told her he would. J.T. interviews that now that he knows that Stephen would have been willing to take Erinn over him, he feels better about doing the same to him. Erinn adds that Stephen will probably be really good in front of the jury since he's so smart and eloquent. Boy, will she be surprised (spoiler alert!). "He could go up there and talk so good and turn me into [blurmouth]," J.T. says. Then he'd sell everybody his fix-it-elixir and leave town before the townspeople realized it didn't work. Big city folk are evil!

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