I Wanna See If I Can Make A Deal

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Take My Truck...Please

Tribal council. Seats are taken, and Jeff brings in the jury. Alex totally looks like he needs a noogie. Get on that, Mookie! Jeff talks about what happened at the reward challenge. In explaining it, "Dreamz" refers to himself as "a great man of [his] word," which makes Alex and Edgardo laugh particularly hard -- Mookie, I'm sure, is in on this as well. "Dreamz" says that he intends to make sure that he wins immunity and gives it to Yau Man at that point. Jeff asks Yau Man what he's expecting. Yau Man says that he expects "Dreamz" to keep his word, but he knows that in making that deal, he made himself a target in this round and the next round. Yau Man adds that the other part is that Yau Man knows "Dreamz" needs a car. "That's my big heart, I let him have the car," he adds with a chuckle. Alex makes a "whatever" face, even though Yau Man totally made it clear that the strategy was primary and the charity was secondary. Alex finds everyone else so pathetic from his spot over there where he CAME IN SEVENTH.

Jeff brings up the immunity idol and asks Boo if he's nervous. "It doesn't matter to me who has the idol at this point," Boo answers. They make a big shocked-sound-effect thing out of this answer, but...isn't that what Boo should say? He has immunity -- he doesn't care who has it. I'm not sure what the big damage is supposed to be from him making this remark. Asked if she believes Boo, Cassandra says it totally matters who has it, because it can be used in the next two tribal councils. Well...yes, but...anyway. I don't really get why Boo's answer was bad.

Jeff asks Earl about someone making a "million-dollar blunder" by having the idol, not playing it, and being voted out. Earl says that it's definitely a matter of guessing when you need it. He says that every time you come, you're a target. So it's not like you're only a target once. Jeff asks Stacy how nervous she is about the possibility that it's her. She says she's nervous because she came late to the alliance, and it might be that they'll target her before going to the core people. Also, she's mean and no one likes her, as they've already made clear. "Dreamz" says that he thinks everyone will try to get him out before he can give immunity to Yau Man...or something. As is often the case with things he says, it doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense. I always kind of feel like I need a mental translator.

And now, Jeff asks Stacy what she thinks will come out of tonight's vote. "I think everyone wants to seem like they're playing nice," she says, "but I think there's going to be lines drawn, and there's going to be divisions among the tight-knit alliance. Because I don't think that it's all going to be a vote one way or the other. I think it's going to be split." Now, it's always hard to tell whether the timing of reaction shots is genuine, but we certainly see Yau Man make a hell of a scrunchy face at this point. It is the scrunchy face that gives me hope! Catch on, Yau Man. Catch on! Earl just flicks his eyes between Stacy and Jeff. That cool eye-flicking thing he does is sexier than anything self-consciously sexy that anyone does on any other show, I will tell you that. Jeff reminds everyone that if you have the idol, you can play it after everyone votes but before the votes are read.

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