I Wanna See If I Can Make A Deal

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Take My Truck...Please

Earl votes. Boo votes. Yau Man votes for Stacy: "Sorry, it's your turn." Cassandra votes. Stacy votes. "Dreamz" votes: "Sorry, bro, that's how the game goes." Jeff goes off to tally. When he returns, he says that if anyone wants to play an idol, now is the time. The wait is interminable. Everyone looks around. Earl looks over at Yau Man. Yau Man looks stalwart. And then...Yau Man reaches into his bag, thank God, and takes out the idol, which he walks over to Jeff. "Dreamz" rubs his hands over his face. Jeff explains that all votes for Yau Man will be thrown out, and those voting for Yau Man make unhappy faces. It's not the best face-wilting of the season, because except for Stacy, they're not specifically screwed; they're just like, "Oh, nooooo." And I love that.

First vote is for Stacy. Next vote is for Yau Man. Yau Man nods and smiles. Next vote is for Stacy. Next vote is for Yau Man. So there are two for Stacy and two for Yau Man, and there are two left. If the next is for Yau Man, then Stacy's done, because there aren't enough votes for a tie. And the next vote is for Yau Man. So Stacy is going home. Earl smiles this wonderful smile and shakes his head, like, "Okay, guess I'm glad we didn't listen to my suck-o advice, huh?" Hard to gauge jury reaction there. Stacy is snuffed. What we don't know, based on that reading of votes, is whether the last vote was for Yau Man or Stacy. Either Boo or Cassandra could potentially claim that they voted for Stacy, but they're likely to be outed immediately by everyone else.

In her final words, Stacy explains that she took a risk, hoping that Yau Man wouldn't play the idol, and it didn't work out. She doesn't say, "I guess it wasn't very smart for me to tell everyone I thought there was going to be a split vote if my goal was to make people think there wasn't going to be a split vote."

Next: the finale. What will become of that car deal? Will Boo keep winning immunity? Can any of these people beat either Earl or Yau Man in a final vote, should it come to that? What if Earl and Yau Man are both in the final vote? Tune in. It could actually be satisfying. Or painful. Or both.

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