I Wanna See If I Can Make A Deal

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Take My Truck...Please

Challenge course. Jeff brings in the remaining six, saying to them, "And then there were six." I wonder if it makes him sad that there aren't more ways to express that same concept. It's probably like being Fountains Of Wayne and playing "Stacy's Mom" for the eight-hundredth time in three years. Jeff is standing next to a giant blue curtain surrounding...well, something really big. Big! He says he's going to show them what they're playing for. He pulls a big rope, and the curtain drops to reveal a giant black pickup truck. They all look at it hungrily, and the show is nice enough to give you a huge close-up of the Ford logo, along with an FX twinkle. I think from this giant additional close-up of the car's markings, this may just be an F-350 Super Duty. With V8 Power Stroke. Hey, I knew a guy once who had that. Anyway. Earl seems to recognize the car instantly, putting his hands on his head and saying, "That's an F-350!" This truck, Jeff says, can haul three tons and tow twelve tons. I can't think of anyone who needs that much truck, except possibly Fitzcarraldo.

Jeff says that in this challenge, you're roped together into two groups of three. You walk together up and over a series of seesaws. If anybody falls off his seesaw, you have to all go back to the start. Then you crawl (still as a group, of course) up and through a tower that's all made with cargo netting, and then you dig in an expanse of sand to find a hatchet. You unwrap the hatchet and use it to chop a rope that's dangling a giant box over the bed of the truck. The box will fall into the truck, and your team wins. Your team will then drive the truck to a nearby village to deliver the box, which contains school supplies. The team will also grab a trailer (SEE HOW MUCH IT CAN HAUL? DO YOU? DO YOU?) that's carrying a "mobile school office." At the school, you'll get a picnic lunch. I wonder what Fijian lunch ladies are like. Hair nets? Of course, before you go, you have to determine who actually wins the car. This will be determined by a hatchet-throwing contest (among the winning team) requiring each person to throw a hatchet and cut two ropes. First to cut their ropes wins the car. Winner not only gets the car, but sends someone to Exile Island.

The teams are "Dreamz," Cassandra, and Earl against Stacy, Boo, and Yau Man. Ready...go! Yau Man falls off the seesaw. Aaaand again. Aaaand again. Now, Stacy later claimed that they were throwing this challenge so that Boo wouldn't get a full stomach before the immunity challenge, and indeed, you can see Yau Man repeatedly "falling" off the seesaw and then looking over at the other team, exactly as if he's looking to see whether they're far enough ahead yet. The "Dreamz" team runs to the cargo net, and finally, Yau Man and his team start making some progress on the seesaws. The teams crawl through the cargo nets. "Dreamz" and his team emerge first and start digging. Unfortunately, they are very, very bad at digging. And hey, guess what -- it's Boo who finally finds the hatchet. So it does seem entirely plausible that Stacy and Yau Man attempted to throw this challenge, and they couldn't, because "Dreamz," Earl, and Cassandra were that bad at digging. ["Or, in the alternative, because Boo is so very awesome that he won a team challenge all by himself with his own team sabotaging him! Love ya, Boo!" -- Joe R] Boo celebrates; everybody else looks just a little bit down. It's convenient, because they can all yell, "Booooo," and he won't know what's up. It's like being a baseball player named "Lou" or "Stu."

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