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Take My Truck...Please

So now: hatchet-throwing. First to cut both ropes wins -- you get the truck, and you decide who goes to Exile Island. Boo cuts a rope on his first try; everybody else misses. The second time, Yau Man gets a hit, and everybody else misses. So now, Boo and Yau Man are tied. Stacy misses. Boo misses. Yau Man hits. He wins the car! He has so many secret crazy skills. And what I love is that none of them are stereotypical -- it's not like he turns out to be a martial arts guy or a math whiz. It's like, "Hi, no, I am not Pat Morita, morons -- but I am hell with a hatchet." He raises his hands in victory.

"Yau Man," Jeff says, "congratulations." Yau Man: "Thank you. So...I want to see if I can make a deal. With the car." Jeff looks at him, amused. "You're going to negotiate with the car?" Yau Man affirms. He asks "Dreamz" how badly he needs the truck. "You know how bad I need a car, Yau Man," says "Dreamz." So here's the deal that Yau Man offers: if he and "Dreamz" are both still there at F4, and if "Dreamz" wins immunity that time around, then "Dreamz" will give his individual immunity to Yau Man. "Dreamz" takes the deal without even thinking about it. "I promise to God," he says. Jeff clarifies the terms of the deal, also emphasizing that it's not enforceable in any way -- it's just a favor done in return for the hope of a favor later. It's honor only. "You can't enforce it; it's his word," Jeff says. I suspect part of the reason to clarify that is that the show doesn't allow you to agree to split the money, and I'm quite sure they wouldn't want you to agree to give the car away in exchange for a move in the game, either, and they want to make sure nobody thinks they're going to court after this to enforce something somebody said during the game. So it's made explicit that this is not binding on anybody; you're just hoping he'll do what he said he would because he said he would. In other words, the inside-the-game aspect of the entire thing is being clarified for everyone. Jeff also clarifies that under Yau Man's offer, if Yau Man or "Dreamz" gets voted out at this tribal council or the next one, so that they're not even both there for F4, "Dreamz" can still keep the truck.

I really do think there are several things going on here. Yau Man is smart enough to look ahead and see that it's probably Boo and Stacy in some order going home next, and then he's going to be completely, utterly screwed. He knows that this doesn't have a huge chance of success, but he also knows that if he does nothing, then he has almost no chance of success unless he wins immunity at F4 -- which, of course, he can still do. I also think he doesn't care a whit about the truck. I don't think he needs it, and I don't think he's impressed with the "haul twelve tons" thing, because...he's an older computer dude, and I don't think a giant testosterone truck is really his life. Finally, I do think that if you've listened to a guy talk about being homeless as a kid, who wouldn't feel good about giving him a truck? I mean, I'm no "Dreamz" fan, but to give a major windfall to a person who's had a hard go of it? That's pretty nice.

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