I Wanna See If I Can Make A Deal

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Take My Truck...Please

Back from more commercials, it's Day 36 at Bula Bula. An orange lizard menaces the camera. Earl is hunting for the idol. Cassandra is elsewhere talking to "Dreamz," pointing out that Earl is off on the idol hunt. "Dreamz" seems surprised that this is what Earl is doing, and Cassandra is like, "What you think?" These are the little moments where you can figure out that he's not that smart. "Dreamz" next tells Cassandra, "That truck was pure strategy," like he expects this to be a revelation. It's kind of silly, because it's not like Yau Man hid the ball about the fact that it was strategy. He was like, "I would like to make a deal with you regarding the later progress of the game." Traditionally, "a deal" involves something for me and something for you. If he'd claimed he was simply giving it as a gift, then maybe "Dreamz" would have some cause for the "I think it was pure strategy" thing, but with this? No. Anyway, "Dreamz" thinks that Yau Man was trying to get rid of him, knowing how close he is with Earl and Cassandra. He is literally the last one to figure this out. Including the orange lizard. "Dreamz" points out to Cassandra that "you could buy twelve cars with a million dollars." Mmm...a few more than that, actually. And he's totally right that he potentially made a very, very bad deal there, but...the problem is, he already made it. In an interview, "Dreamz" vows that he really will give Yau Man immunity at F4 if it comes to that, because he's a man of his word, and he wants to set a good example for his son, and he appreciates the gesture Yau Man made to him. But what this means is that "Dreamz" needs to get Yau Man out before F4. Which, incidentally, I think is totally fair. That's not part of the deal, so this isn't any kind of backstabbing -- Yau Man knew this might happen. Anyway, "Dreamz" says they have to take out Yau Man, and if Earl gets in the way, take him out, too. Er...not sure how that's supposed to work, there, dude. You can't start thinking that you're going to run the game with two people when there are six left. Cassandra interviews that it's tempting to get rid of Yau Man, because he'd be tough to face in front of the jury. But Boo is physically strong, so...what to do?

Challenge course. Boo is wearing the necklace around his arm, which is pretty funny. Didn't care for the fit, maybe? Grizzly Adams beard overwhelming the necklace a little? Yau Man is brought back from Exile Island. Jeff prods "Dreamz" to crow about how great the truck is, now that Yau Man is back. "Dreamz" talks about how great the car is, and he thanks Yau Man profusely, and Yau Man beams: "I'm glad you enjoyed it." Jeff takes back immunity from Boo and explains the challenge. Each person will stand on a floating platform with a long rope with a ball on the end. The idea is to throw the ball and drop it through a hoop attached to a beam. Then you pull the beam down with the rope and walk across. Essentially, the challenge is just doing this three times -- the first time, the first four will survive, then the last two, then the winner, who has to grab a buoy with a grappling hook to entirely finish the game. But mostly, it's lassoing the hoops with that little ball on the end of the rope.

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