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Baby hippo! So cute! Why couldn't we have gotten extra never before seen footage of the animals? I guess they didn't get any extra footage, seeing as how they've recycled almost all of their animal footage at this point. Sugar tells Ace that she found the idol, and Ace tells us that their game is now all set. Back at Fang, Probst claims they were almost out of rice. Except not really, since the rice lasted another twenty or so days after that. Randy pisses everyone off by daring to suggest they ration their food. In a "new scene," Matty tries to ease the tension around camp by making everyone sing a song for his girlfriend. Apparently, today is her birthday and now everyone must suffer and sing "For She's a Jolly Good Woman," set to the tune of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow." This will shock no one, but GC quits before the song even starts. Randy appears to make an effort to join the chorus, but then realizes that Jamie is Matty's girlfriend and not his dog and stops.

Then, in another "new scene" that was obviously shot after the second tribe switch (and you can see it on the CBS site, so it's not really a new scene at all. I suspect this is the case for most of the "new scenes" in this episode), Matty says he's anxiety-ridden. Randy asks him if he's had tragedy in his life, which is really just a way to get Matty to ask him about his own personal tragedies. Randy says his biggest tragedy is "everything." He then goes onto to tell us that his biggest tragedy is losing his dog five years ago. Not to downplay the love of an owner for his pet, but ... come on. Remember Jolanda from Survivor: Palau? She was voted off first, so you might not. Anyway, her life was a mess of tragedy. Her father killed himself when she was in the room, various uncles also committed suicide, her aunt and brother were murdered, she didn't have electricity growing up, she was in an abusive relationship, all kinds of bad stuff. Compared to her, Randy's pain is nothing. "If you don't get me, you go crying home to momma," Randy says. That, or you construct an elaborate plan to kick Randy's ass out of the game in the most humiliating, if not strategic, way possible.

Probst continues that Matty, Susie, Randy, and Dan formed an alliance. And then, because Fang sucks, the tribes were immediately switched. Probst then goes on to lie that Fang "blew it" when it came to picking their new tribe with Ken's "odd choice" of Kelly over Bob and Sugar. Yes, an odd choice that may have won Ken the entire game. Shut up, Probst. Sugar is sent to Exile until the next tribal council, where she opens up the Sugar Shack.

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