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Thanksgiving Filler

And there's the third shot of the mother and baby elephant (so cute!) in this episode alone. We go to Kota, where Randy tries to keep his abrasive personality under wraps by telling everyone "I will do my best despite hating each and every one of you." They all think he's kidding. We know he isn't. Randy then helped his new tribe to another immunity challenge win.

Over at Fang, it was time to decide who from the old Kota tribe would be going home. Matty rallied for Kelly, but Crystal didn't like that plan, pointing out that they were getting Sugar on their tribe next, and she could have the immunity idol. Thus, Crystal is the only person who thought Sugar was capable of finding the hidden immunity idol. That night, Kelly stayed and Jacquie went home. Sugar arrived at her new camp to see that Jacquie was voted out. She tried to conceal her disappointment by saying "that sucks." The Kota tribe did no better at hiding their feelings upon seeing Jacquie out, with Corinne loudly gasping and putting her hand on her forehead and both her and Marcus admitting to being surprised to see her gone.

Oh well! Now it's time for a "new scene" featuring Bob and his master craftsmanship. He makes benches! He makes slingshots for bird hunting that can double as fishing spear launchers! Bob says they're in the middle of the jungle, which is his "forte." He has a lot of experience coming from the wild jungles of Maine, I'm sure. Marcus criticizes Bob's fishing spear for being too bottom-heavy while he sits on the bench Bob made and contributes nothing to the tribe himself. Bob shows off a sundial he made that doesn't actually tell time. Corinne: "having Bob around is definitely an asset, but I am NOT looking to take him to the end." I hope he outlasts her.

Back at Fang, we get another look at Crystal and GC's War of the Rices. Probst claims that Crystal's nerves were frayed, but she seemed perfectly calm and rational there. GC needs to go back on his grind and his tribemates are happy to grant his wish. Crystal, GC's fellow gang member (according to Randy) leads the charge to boot GC. And we have already spent way too much time on GC. Why not see some more of Michelle or Gillian? At least they didn't want to leave the game.

Since Crystal was the only person who thought Sugar was capable of finding the hidden idol, she searched Sugar's bag and found it inside. Now everyone at Fang knows she has it. Fang continued to lose, although Probst is quick to say that Matty did his very alpha male best to keep them alive in challenges while his teammates failed him. After a tough reward loss, Crystal started crying and Randy made fun of her. I hate him now, but that "wah wah wah" is still a little bit funny. Not as funny as Crystal's retort when she voted his ass out, but funny.

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