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Kelly gets voted out, and then there's the breakable ball challenge. Probst claims that Sugar "dropped the ball," although the clip they show has the ball being thrown into a wood post and shattering before Sugar gets anywhere near it, so whatever, and went back to Exile "Island" for a record fifth time. Kota's reward is a picnic, which they heartily enjoyed. Oh, wait -- not all of them enjoyed it. Corinne tells us that the picnic was "very involved" with some sophisticated ingredients such as gherkins and pate. Some of her tribe mates didn't know what those things were, and for that, they earn Corinne's undying hatred. It doesn't take much. Then there's all this discussion about divvying everything up so everyone gets his or her fair share, which also pisses Corinne off. It shouldn't, since she benefits more than anyone else from the equal shares. She's a woman and the smallest and skinniest person there, so therefore she needs less calories than everyone else and burns them slower. If they really want to make it fair, she should get less food than everyone else. "Unfortunately, you get these great experiences. But you have to share them with people you can't stand. I'd rather be serving up poison to these people." That brings the total number of people Corinne has expressed interest in killing up to an impressive 8.

Let's check in on Sugar at Exile "Island" in a "new scene." She makes a dress out of her burlap bag, which is interesting since I read in some interviews with bitter bootees that she used other people's bags to make her clothes. It looks to me like the only person's bag she used was her own. Bitter liars. Sugar slept, picked berries, and sunbathed topless. Then she cried a lot. Probst can't believe it, but Sugar actually felt guilty that she got food and her tribemates didn't. Sugar also learned a valuable lesson about how powerful a person she really was. Yes, there is much inner strength to be gained in topless sunbathing.

Then we go to the first individual immunity challenge, which Marcus won. He gave a second immunity necklace to Sugar, making her super-immune from being voted out. That night, both tribes were forced to vote a member out. Ken was able to use his mind gaming skillz to convince Sugar to get rid of Ace before he got rid of her. "Sugar bought the lie," Probst says, although I'm still not exactly sure that Ken was lying. Everything he told Sugar about Ace thinking he had her wrapped around his finger and planning to blindside her ended up being true. But I don't know if Ken knew that or not at the time. Anyway, Ace goes home that night. Ha ha ha! Dan was voted out of Kota, but no one really says much about that.

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