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My immunity for a donut!

Time passes. It gets darker. Shortly after two hours and 23 minutes, Jeff emerges with a plate and announces that he has fifteen chocolate chip cookies, and you have fifteen seconds to decide. "I'm going for it!" calls Katie, and she jumps. And then Jen. And then, at the same instant, Ian and Gregg. Tom, Caryn, and Steph remain on their perches. When they're situated, Jeff gives them the plate of cookies, along with a glass of milk. Ian actually licks the plate when all the cookies are gone, which is pretty cute. He also declares it was completely worth it. I don't know. I found that sequence really odd, and highly suggestive that the deal was already done for the upcoming boot. Because I just can't believe this many people would go that easily. I assume they already knew very well who was going, probably boosted along by the fish/bait incident from this morning. I know, I know, "spoiler."

Later, when it's fully dark, Caryn says to Tom, "You think you could stay overnight?" "I could stay," Tom says. "I'm a stubborn Irishman." We are at the three-hour mark. "Caryn wants to jump," I say to Miss Alli's Mom. We agree that there is absolutely no way Steph is jumping for food, ever, so it will be interesting to see whether she can outlast Tom. Jeff emerges with a big tray. He announces that once he uncovers what's under there, you'll have five seconds to jump for it or not. And then he pulls the cover. "Pizza," he says. "Five seconds." Steph leans forward with her hands on her knees and says, "Oh, my God!" And then...she is in the water. And so is Caryn. I was totally shocked that Steph jumped. After all that she's endured! That's insane! I mean, unlike the rest of the wimp-ass people from Koror, she's at least been starving for three weeks, so I suppose the promise of something with actual food value (unlike cookies or donuts) would have some legitimate appeal, but I was still shocked. She has to know that she's not entirely safe, and I can't believe she made that call. But she does, and accordingly, Tom wins the first individual immunity. On the dock, Steph and Caryn dig into the pizza. Tom is given the immunity necklace.

The moon hangs, and then we are at tribal council, where Koror has rarely had to tread. Jeff points this out to them: "Steph, you've done this a lot. Koror, you've done it just once." He talks next about how eight of them gave up immunity in return for food. And one of those eight, of course, was Steph. Jeff asks Steph about joining Koror, and she raves about how the tribe welcomed her so warmly and so forth. But she knows the score: "They could just get me out and keep their tribe together," she says. Jeff asks her about the rivalry with Anonymous Jen, which...isn't much of a rivalry if you ask me, but...okay. Jen agrees that there is some competitiveness. Jeff turns to Coby, and Coby talks about popularity, and how Steph is well-liked, and that could make her a target. But he seriously intones that "there's other targets to be had, too." Dun dun dun!

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