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My immunity for a donut!

In his interview, Coby goes back to talking about how great it was to be part of the team, and then says, "And you're very smart to get rid of me." Puke. "Every single one of you said you got rid of me because I was a threat." Said...said when? Said at tribal council? Said that was the reason they were voting the way they were? Please. Even if they did, they're putting you on the jury, dude. They're not going to say, "I'm voting out the person I can't abide having to see every day." But I couldn't really abide seeing you by the end, either, so...good riddance, pretty much.

Next week: Janu compounds her uselessness with combativeness. And...somebody gets sent to isolation? Man. It had better not be Steph. Because that would be incredibly sad.

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