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My immunity for a donut!

We watch as, out in the water, Coby washes Caryn's hair. I guess if I were on a tribe with a hairstylist, I'd let him wash my hair, although I have to think I would also be capable of washing it myself, especially if it were as short as Caryn's. Coby complains to her, monopolizing the conversation as the worst hairdressers do, that he's "sick of the tribe," and that he's sick of the way everyone gets so excited when Ian or Tom brings them food. Yeah, that is a pretty silly thing to be grateful for, I guess. Who needs to eat, after all? I bet Coby doesn't touch the food Ian and Tom bring back, just in order to make this very point. I bet he's on some sort of a point-proving hunger strike. Oh, he also complains about how everyone in the tribe "sat on their ass for 20 days," so apparently there's now just one communal tribal ass upon which the entire group rests in order to avoid work. We watch Janu, lying in the hammock (known as "the ass") as usual and taking a sniff of a lily or something. How romantic. Dreaming of her beloved, I assume. Or of a ham sandwich. Anyway, Coby allows that there are exceptions -- people who have done work, by which he means himself and Caryn, I suppose. And then, rather hilariously, he says that as of Day 22, he's not carrying these people anymore, and they can run out of food and firewood. Yeah, I suspect that's exactly what will happen. Because nobody does any work except for Coby. Please.

Coby offers an interview in which he says that he's "cranky and everybody knows it," so he's trying to "control [his] temper." It's really not his temper, of course. It's his whining that's the issue. He tells us that he's going to sit right out in the water for a while so that he doesn't have to see the guys back at camp who are looking at their fishhooks and thinking about fishing. Because that is sooooo stupid. He bitches about how they're "daydreaming" -- since Tom and Ian never bring in any actual food, as we know. I mean, other than the shark. And the clams. And the snakes. But other than that!

Over at Ulong, Steph takes out the outrigger and goes underwater, trying to nab herself some food. She doesn't see any fish, though, or any clams, so she's thinking it's back to coconut. Next, we watch her throwing a coconut up at the top of a palm tree, trying to knock down some of the others that are growing up there. No dice. "I have to get them somehow," she mutters to nobody in particular. I would have liked it if she had invented an invisible tribe member to talk to. Like Harvey. Harvey the giant invisible Ulong member. That would have kept her entertained, at least and he would have been at least as useful as a lot of the other people on her tribe. She then gets herself a big bamboo pole that you can tell is very heavy, and she tries to knock them down, but the pole ultimately tips over, and it doesn't seem like that's going to work, either. So she does the only thing left, which is to climb up the tree. She gets herself up to where the coconuts are, twists one, and throws it down. Back on solid ground, she looks exhausted, but is at least happy she pulled down a big coconut. She voices over about her crappy day -- "Went fishing, no fish. Went clamming, no clams. Tried to do that coconut thing, almost dislocated my shoulder." Heh, I'll bet. She cuts up some coconut and fries it over the fire. Before, it was raw coconut. Now, it's fried coconut. Steph is like the Bubba Gump Coconut Company. "I don't know what else to do," she says. "It's tough." She's in tears as she waits for the food to cook and says, "If I win, it'll be worth it." She twirls her buff. "That'd be awesome." Awww.

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