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Don't Count Your Eggs Before They're Not Laid

Previously on Survivor, all bets were off as the tribes were re-divided. In a Boranew Tribal Council, Silas had the wool pulled over his eyes, got the short end of the stick, let the door hit him on the way out, and then took the long road home.

It's Night 15 at Boranew -- chickens cluck and a panther stalks. Although we're supposed to think otherwise, those two events are unrelated. Boranew discusses the just-completed Tribal Council, in which Silas got the smackdown. Ethan thinks that because Peachy mentioned the merger during one of his questions, it's still likely to occur despite his latter warning about the perils of assumption-making in Survivor. I'm amazed Peachy didn't pull out the old ass out of "u" and of "me" shtick. Kimj feels that if there is going to be a change in the format of the show, the merger will happen sooner than later. This is her "gut feeling." It was also her gut feeling to dump out the tribe's water supply, but she doesn't mention that. Frank points out that they should all just steel themselves for whatever might happen. In a confessional, Ethan says that since Peachy put it in their heads that it might not happen, "the whole thing with the merge is drivin' [him] insane." He explains to the others in his tribe that the food supply has been rationed to end just prior to the anticipated merge date. If the tribes don't merge, Boranew will run out of food in three days. I don't know why the other members of Boranew aren't equally aware of their own food situation. They continue to debate how best to prepare for the ambiguous coming days, and Clarence wants to know whether they should further ration their food or continue according to their previous plans. Kimj points out that they have three chickens, as well. In the end, Boranew decides to prepare for the worst because, as Ethan tells us, "What will happen if [the merge] is in ten days? We're screwed!"

At Sambutwo, Tom and Lex are on sentry duty, whispering about having had a long shift. Lex tells us in a confessional that he and Tom endured at least a five-hour watch, whereas Playskool only takes shifts of about one and a half hours. Lex says, "These guys have no concept of what a three-hour shift is," and that they just "dump a log on the fire and go to bed." Kelly has joined Tom and Lex at some point, and they further discuss Playskool's negligent ways. ["Here's a thought: after three hours, wake up someone else and go to bed instead of bitching about it." -- Wing Chun] Kelly says that she thinks Lindsey's heart is in the right place. Lex agrees that Lindsey is a "sweet girl," but Tom just thinks she's a big whiner. Lex tells us it was "painfully obvious" upon his arrival at Sambutwo that Playskool was on Survivor for "a little resort vacation." He says they are in Africa to nap, eat, and cook a couple of meals. Lindsey approaches Tom and Lex to ask how long their last shift was. Lex snarks that it was "at least five hours," and Lindsey responds with disbelief. I hate Playskool, but really it seems like it should be the responsibility of the people who are actually awake to regulate a timely switch in sentry duties. ["My point." -- Wing Chun] In a confessional, Lindsey says, "This whole switcheroo thing has made everyone's minds kind of go crazy," and they are all stressed out. She knows they're supposed to be two new tribes now, but it's impossible not to think of old tribal allegiances. Lex wonders to Tom which member of Boranew got voted off; then we see Lindsey tell Kelly that Frank was the likely target and that "everyone will vote for him." She gets cut off before she can conclude, "But then again, I'm delusional." In a confessional, Kelly tells us that Sambutwo is curious about what happened at Boranew's Tribal Council, because it will have a huge effect on their own situation. Lex is concerned that "Kimj may have gotten canned." In a confessional, Tom explains that if Sambutwo loses the next immunity challenge, they will most likely face a 3-3 Tribal Council. He points out that the key to winning that Tribal Council is knowing what's happened at past Tribal Councils in terms of who has votes against them. Lindsey continues to obsess over her situation and her four votes. She then puckers up and says, "I'm glad we got you guys," to the new tribe, while Brandon makes a face behind her back. They all agree about having "lucked out" in getting re-divided. The only two people who actually got lucky in the re-division aren't even in this tribe: Frank and Teresa. Lindsey tells us in a confessional that she's trying to cover her ass because she doesn't want the others to be aware of her precarious situation. She insists, "I mean, I set a goal for myself. And I am the kind of person that when I set a goal, I'm gonna achieve it." Snicker.

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