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Don't Count Your Eggs Before They're Not Laid

The second vote commences and is predictably deadlocked. Peachy preaches that Tribal Council is where the competitors "account for actions" of the past, and wants to know how many votes Tom has. Tom says, "None that I know of." Lindsey says she has "a couple" of votes, and Peachy presses, "Four?" Lindsey's answer is "Maybe." Peachy snarks, "That's enough." He means that's enough votes, but it's enough Lindsey, too. Poor Brandon looks so sad and forlorn and Kimp is crying as Lindsey hugs everyone and keeps insisting it's a game, which is what a poor loser would say.

Next week on Survivor, the plodding plotting continues.

As the credits roll, we confirm that Brandon, Kimp, and Lindsey voted for Big Tom, and that Lex, Kelly, and Tom voted for Lindsey. Lindsey tells us that she was surprised to receive the votes, but couldn't have taken the game much longer. She then says, "See you on the dark side." And, Lindsey -- both personally and on behalf off all the readers of MightyBigTV -- I'm pleased to say, "Not if we see you first."

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