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Don't Count Your Eggs Before They're Not Laid

Brandon, Lindsey, and Kimp continue to whisper about the situation, and then Brandon freezes in place. The camera pans over to reveal Kelly hovering behind some bushes. Attempting to look nonchalant, she then quickly wiggle-walks away. You know, the I'm-positively-bustling-with- excitement-but-trying- not-to-show-it wiggle-walk? Lindsey is sure that Kelly overheard the discussion and gets pissed off, but instead of being pissed off at herself for being dumb enough to have a critical discussion about her own fate in so vulnerable a place, she tells us, "I can't fucking believe that Brandon didn't whisper and she was standing right there." Brandon was whispering; this clearly is just another desperate attempt by Lindsey to save her own ass by betraying a friend. Kelly tells Lex something, but does not tell us what she overheard. Kimp then tells Lindsey that, at this point, there's nothing they can do to fix the situation, but Lindsey thinks there is something they can do: "Vote with them." At first I thought she meant that Playskool should all vote for her so the others wouldn't have any votes against them. Kimp scratches herself as she also tries to figure out what Lindsey means. In a confessional, Lindsey explains that Brandon screwed over Playskool by talking above a whisper, so she doesn't feel bad about turning on him. She says it would just be playing the game to betray Brandon, and that she's all about securing her own position. We then see Kelly telling Lindsey, "So you wanna relinquish Brandon?" and giving her some time to think about it. Kelly and Tom discuss joining with Playskool to vote against Brandon, and Tom concludes, "Sounds like a kind of merger to me." Kimp is also in this conversation and asks, "And if we don't?" Tom says it will hurt everybody in the end. This is suddenly confusing. When is this conversation taking place? Part of me thinks this takes place prior to the discussion we just saw between Kimp and Lindsey, and that the idea for the turn on Brandon originated with Boran, but we'll never know. In any case, Kimp tells us she's not comfortable with voting against Brandon and won't do it because Brandon wouldn't -- no matter what -- do it to her. You go, Kimp, with your shiny new backbone. ["I was hoping that Kimp would go to Brandon, tell him how Lindsey wanted to sell him out, and that the episode would end in a 5-1 vote against Lindsey. As it is, the actual outcome pleased me almost as well." -- Wing Chun] Lindsey tells us in a confessional that she's in a "no-win situation." She can't decide whether to go against her "personal morals and values" by voting against Brandon. It would be a difficult choice if she had any morals or values. Lindsey tells us she won't know what she's going to do until she gets to Tribal Council.

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