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Don't Count Your Eggs Before They're Not Laid

The familiar trilly music plays as Sambutwo arrives at Tribal Council, and Peachy points out that it's the first time this "configuration" has been there. Lex says that the new tribe has "acclimated pretty well," but Brandon says he doesn't trust anyone in the game. Kimp believes that the game comes down to whether you play completely for yourself with no regard for other people, or whether you play according to your ethics and morals. She insists that there's no middle ground between the two. Kelly says that the original Samburu and Boran tribes still have loyalties, but that as they begin know their new tribemates, the voting becomes harder. All of these revelations are prompted by typically Peachy questions.

And now it's time for the vote. We don't see anything this time except Lindsey's turn. She says, "I hate having to vote for this person. I'd rather vote for myself right now. It's miserable." It looks like she's writing a "B" because of her strong downward stroke near the left edge of the paper, but we don't see the name. A shot of Brandon looking naïve wants to fill in the blanks for us. That's all we get, and Peachy gleefully leaves to tally the votes.

The first two are for "Big Tom," who looks mildly concerned. The next vote is for Lindsey, and Playskool is visibly shocked. Kimp's mouth drops open, and Brandon starts jerking around. As Lindsey's name is called again, Brandon earnestly apologizes to Lindsey, which is sad considering how quickly she was willing to consider turning on him. Lindsey realizes that she's going and keeps insisting that it's just a game, which might have helped if she'd bothered to acknowledge that earlier and not piss off people by taking everything so damn personally. Kimp cries as Lindsey's name continues to be called, and we end with a 3-3 tie. Lindsey gets up and starts hugging her tribe members. Peachy snaps, "Where you goin'? Sit it."

Peachy announces that it's time for Tom and Lindsey each to plead his or her case before the second vote. Tom says, "I'm who I am. I'm not nobody different, and I'm not gonna change. You've got Big Tom here, and that's how it is." Poor Tom -- I think he thinks Playskool voted against him because they didn't like him. It's now Lindsey's turn, and she amazes me by confessing to the group that she considered voting for Brandon. I guess she figures it's better he find out now than six months down the line when they're watching the show together, but still. Lindsey starts wailing that her dignity took over and she didn't vote for her friend. It's sad that her concept of dignity is not betraying a friend -- to me, that's just decency. ["Seriously. I couldn't believe that she was practically dislocating her arm patting herself on the back when all the actually did was decide at the last minute NOT to be a selfish shithead." -- Wing Chun] Lindsey maintains that she doesn't care if she leaves now because she's "leaving with [her] pride."

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