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I don't mind admitting that I felt the pressure writing this recap. I mean, not only does it have to be done two days early in order for me to concentrate on the THREE HOUR finale that airs just three days after this episode (Three hours? Really? Cirie had better get some significant camera time for this to be worth it), but I don't think I've ever recapped television history before. And the last 15 or so minutes of this episode are exactly that. Maybe not one of those landmark TV moments our country can be proud of, like the debut of I Love Lucy or the moon landing or that episode of Walker, Texas Ranger when Walker told Haley Joel Osment that he had AIDS, but still: television history. Here goes!

The Final Five arrive back at Dabu, and Amanda is quick to tell everyone that she never lied when she told them she didn't have the immunity idol, as she didn't have it until right before tribal council. Why does she think that matters? Does she think Natalie's going to give her a jury vote now just because Amanda never lied? Amanda screwed Natalie over by getting rid of Alexis; the fact that she was honest about it doesn't mean Natalie's going to automatically be cool with it. Also Amanda rubbed it in everyone's faces when she strutted her way over to Probst with that idol. Cirie tells us that tribal council is getting dangerous, full of floating immunity idols that do and do not get used. And here I was thinking that tribal council was always dangerous. Maybe it isn't if you're Cirie and capable of controlling other people's minds. Cirie congratulates Amanda's skillful negotiating, saying she was "at the brink" of voting for Alexis and forcing a tie. And now because of that, Amanda thinks she can trust Cirie and their alliance is sound. Um, yeah ... as long as there is an odd number of players. The minute there's the possibility of a tie, Cirie is voting your ass out because while she can control minds, she cannot control rocks.

Day 34 arrives, and Erik and Natalie discuss how screwed they are. Erik's hoping that Parvati and Cirie will turn against Amanda when they realize that she'd win the hell out of any jury vote. It seems obvious to him that Amanda needs to go, and he wants her gone. He tells us that Amanda made him "feel like a fool" at tribal council, as if he didn't feel like a fool in all those other tribal councils when the person he was so sure was going that night, didn't. Also, if he thinks he looked like a fool in the last tribal council, well, there's another one coming up that's going to change the definition of that word to a picture of Erik's face. Erik really wants the immunity idol now, since next tribal council is the last chance to use it. He and Natalie decide that, come reward challenge, whoever wins will send the other one to Exile Island; Erik says he doesn't want to go there, but he knows it's necessary. They seem to have a deal worked out, but then Erik tells us that he's thinking of going along with Natalie, but "nothing's set in stone."

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