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Probst reads the third vote for Erik and tells him he's done with this game. The jury laughs. Amanda laughs. Erik takes it well, at least. "You guys drive me crazy!" he says. Yeah, well, crazy people are watching this show right now and saying, "I think I'm Napoleon, and I would never have given away the immunity necklace. Ever!" And for the record, I don't think Erik is that stupid. I think he made some insanely bad choices in regards to hairstyle and immunity necklace possession that I cannot begin to fathom, but not stupid. Maybe too nice, too trusting, incapable of learning from the things that got other players voted out just a few days ago, about as naïve as a two-year-old, and just not smart enough to realize you can't be those things and succeed in this game. I'm not sure that this happened when Erik was gathering his stuff like we're meant to believe or after the players and Erik left, but James breaks the rules and actually speaks, saying he is no longer the "dumbest Survivor ever" while the jury guffaws. "I should've known better," Erik moans as the ladies laugh. Probst extinguishes his torch and Erik leaves. He waves good-bye to the women who wrapped his immunity-having ass around their little fingers and they wave right back. Erik runs off, and Probst just says, "I think that is what you call a 'life lesson.'" The four ladies sit there and grin with the biggest, whitest smiles on their faces, all looking radiant in victory. And they damn well deserve those smiles, except Parvati. But three of them did the seemingly impossible: they voted off the guy who won immunity. They made the show even better than Ozzy's boot or even Alexis' last week and I didn't it could get any better. That's pretty damn impressive.

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